Thursday, September 16, 2010

Top Chef Masters Dinner

What of my job descriptions is client entertainment - What a cross to bear! My client that comes in from California is a HUGE Top Chef fan. We went to Barbuto in the Meatpacking District. This is Jonathon Waxman's place and he was a "Top Chef Master."
We decided to do the tasting menu. It was 65 bucks a person - which is pretty reasonable in NYC. Actually, I don't know why you wouldn't do it. We had an appetizer course, pasta, protein and then desert.
It was am-az-ing. Loved it.
I listed the different food out below. The pictures are not that great..the only light in the dang restaurant was from one tiny tea light on the table. I don' tlike bright lights when I eat, but I'm also tapping around like Helen Keller on the table trying to find my fork.

If you get a chance - and have some spare cash - stop by. You'll have a small heart attack when you see the wine prices. 16 bucks for house.. but it is Manhattan. Home of the 10 dollar Coors light.

1. Appetizer: heirloom tomato salad (my fav), an antipasti platter (un-inspiring) bruschetta (I believe it was caramelized onions.. it was really dark. I know for sure there were no mushrooms!)

2. Pasta: heavenly gnocchi with roasted potatoes (this was my fav dish of the evening), sausage ragu with ricotta and thick lasagna noodles.

3. Protein: Grilled hanger steak, roasted chicken with salsa verde, braised ribs. (by this time - I was really full and wishing I was wearing sweat pants.. I hardly ate any on this course)

4. desert: tiramisu (ehh.. so so) and this UNBELIEVABLE chocolate ganache pudding thing.

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