Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dinner with the Gals

We had a mini Marietta High Class of 95 girls reunion last night! There was only 5 of us that could make it but we had alot of fun! It was great seeing everyone and catching up with them face to face. Then AlliMac loaded us up in her sweet mini van and dropped us at Johnny MacCrackens. Then we kept the party going by heading to the Back Porch. And ran into another friend from high school!

It was a great night and thanks to Alli for setting it up!!! Love ya'll! Hopefully I didn't scare Chelsea, Kerri and Garrett too badly at the bars afterwards. I was hitting the red wine pretty hard. I kept telling everyone that it was "the same as a vitamin" Sure didn't feel like a vitamin the next day!!! My cousin Shawn said it will be another 14 years before anyone wants to hang out again.. haha.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home, Ya'll

We are leaving bright and early tomorrow to go to Georgia and I'm soooo excited!!! I can't wait to get home and see all my family and friends.

This little punk below turns 2 today. (J-Bob is lucky enough to share a birthday with my step dad Joe. Happy B'day Joe!) J-Bob's birthday party is on Saturday afternoon.

I can't wait to see my sister, brother in law and nieces and nephew!!! Gage came over to my parents house last weekend and got upset because he thought we were going to be there. Hopefully Gage remembers my name. He has a habit of all calling me "The Other Aunt Beth" Silly kid. I can only hope my sweet niece Carley is still giving out her kisses. I'm telling you that kid had me wrapped around her finger at the beach.

We are celebrating Christmas early since we will all be in town. We are going to have our Christmas on Sunday. I'm just so excited! There will be lots of posts to follow. We are doing a Marietta High '95 Girls dinner on Monday.. can't wait to see all my friends. Also, we're getting together with friends this Saturday Night at Hemingways on the Square. Stop by if you are around!

I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that my friend Mandy will have her little girl either WHILE I'm at home or sometime in the next day so I can meet this little bundle of joy!!!

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving and hopefully I'll see some of you!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Camera.. Finally!

I FINALLY got a camera this week. My friends and sisters gave me gift certificates to get this camera at my birthday in Jan!! Anyway - hopefully I'll post more pictures for you. Above is a picture of Colin - I was testing out the "sport" feature and making him jump all around. hahaha - sucker. Bet he didn't think this would end up on the world wide web!

Trip to the North Pole? Naw, just to Mama's.

This weekend I went to Mom's house. I left my house with 2 bags of laundry to do and I came back with ALL THIS STUFF! My Mom is extremely generous to the point that you can't even tell her you like something because she's starts clearing it off for you to stick in your bag! I tell her to chill out! Just because I compliment something - doesn't mean I want it.. (unless you don't want it.. and if it's just a burden for you to keep it, then I'll take it!)
My Mom also complains about not having grandchildren. We try to remind her that she doesn't a) like kids and b) hates messes even more. She's moved onto golf with a borderline obsession. I know you are thinking that I'm exaggerating (who moi?) but she's knitting golf club covers! Have you ever heard of such a thing?
Anyway - here's a list of my random but OH SO AWESOME stuff I came home with this weekend....
-one red comforter that goes perfectly with my decor and 2 European sham covers that I'm going to use as giant toss pillows in my living room.
-a cool jean jacket-ish, cowboy ish jacket. I need to buy some cow boy boots and it would look so cool with jeans and black shirt!
-Coffee and flavored teas for my coffee machine (supplied by Mom as well)
-one black Coach purse. (I'm just borrowing this though. Mom has had it her closet and she's worried that its lonely from not being used)
-Waffle iron
-Waffle mix
-Giant round brush that gives your hair lots of body and makes it so shiny and straight
-one knitted dish scrubber (that's for Beth.. Mom found some time to knit on her breaks from the golf club stuff)
-hair ties
Not included in the picture is a bag of stuff for my Grandma that I'm supposed to give her b/c I'm driving to Georgia! I just left that in my car so I wouldn't forget it...
Thanks for all the stuff Mama! Love ya!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WW Wednesday

So - I didn't weigh in last week. Work is pretty busy and we've got alot going on. I was in training last week and I'm also in training this week. I was able to weigh in this week on my way to Manhattan for a client meeting.. and BOOOO... I gained a 1/2 lb. However, due to training, I didn't pack my lunch every day or work out during lunch. I also didn't track AT ALL this weekend. I wasn't HORRIBLE but I have to track every single day!

I've got a challenging few weeks ahead. We're going home for Thanksgiving.. YAH! We've got reservations at Woodfire Grill (Top Chef contestant restaurant) I don't have a crystal ball but I foresee a chicken biscuit or two in my future. (SWEET SWEET Chicken Biscuit.. How I have missed you!!!) Rich is dying to go to the Varsity and I'm sorry but there is nothing, I mean NOTHING, healthy about that menu.

This just means I need to get my butt up and work out every day. I wonder if my Dad still has a membership at Health Place! (I LOVED working out at Health Place!!!! That was the best gym.)

As soon as I back from Georgia, I am heading straight up to Boston. The hotel we are staying in has a gym that was updated in 1989. And we are staying in "Southie" which SOME might consider the "wrong side" of the tracks in Boston. Hey - it's the right side for me.. I can only pray I would get mugged by a Ben Afflick/Matt Damon/Good Will Hunting type of thug! Anyway - our hotel is on the side of the Mass Pike. And are any of yall on the road for work? I'm sure you know how hard it is NOT to go out every night. Team Dinners, client dinners, drinks with friends, teamster house paaaar-tay (that happens only occasionally.. not every single trip) Anyway - it's challenging.

So - next week will be better.. AS GOD IS MY WITNESS!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Apple or Pear

The so called experts claim there are 2 body types for women: Pear and Apple. I would like to respectfully submit the 3rd body type category, and the one I fall under, the freakin' ORANGE. That's right.. I'm shaped like an orange. I carry my weight from literally my chin, down to the top of my legs. Hmmm, I might have to rethink this ... I guess I'm only an orange from the front. I don't have any "junk in my trunk"... I'm just one big uni-boob and belly. I've got nice legs.. well, I wouldn't say NICE but they are nice in the fact that they don't have fat on them. However, they are a bit on the freakishly muscular side. I don't lift weights or anything... they get plenty of exercise cartin' around the big freakin' orange all day. No, I have nice legs but if someone looked at my legs and tried to guess ... I might be mistaken for a Russian heavy weight squat lifter. Except less hairy.

Anywho - it's tough being an orange, man. I'm totally into ruffles right now. I wear lots of ruffled shirts with jacket to create "AN ILLUSION" I don't know if it's working. But it's my schtick.

With the help of my excellent, hottie tottie Cardio Kickboxing Instructor RRRRIIICOOOO, this will all change. Like all middle age adults that work at a Gold's Gym FULL TIME, he is a border line loser. (I'm sure I'm making a gross generalization out there.. but seriously) Although, Rrrriiico is also a champion kick boxer. Which basically makes him a slightly more successful Mickey Rourke (Who saw the Wrestler? Good GOD - was that not depressing?) I'm digging the cardio kick boxing class. You burn so many calories and the time flies. Of course, you are praying for death for most of that time, but I'm telling you it flies.

Alright all you pears, apples, oranges.. and my LEAST FAVORITE.. TWIGS (HISSS.. boooooo) stay away from the left over Halloween candy. Or at least try!!!!