Thursday, October 29, 2009

WW Wednesday

I weighed in on Monday and I lost 1.6 lbs. Woo hoo! I thought it would have been more because I've been working out alot and really trying to cut back on carbs. Oh well, I feel better and that is what is important.

Cousin Allie's boyfriend is doing weight watchers with her (and let me just add that Cousin Allie is wicked skinny... I still don't understand why she is doing it but whatever) This is why I hate men. He's been doing it for 2 weeks and he's already lost 7 lbs!!!! I wish I had the metabolism of a 12 year old boy. It's almost like a superpower... the ability to lose weight that quickly. And honestly, to me, I think men are cuter when they are heavier. Maybe because I don't want to be the fattest one... and they gotta be pretty hefty to keep up with me. I'll never be a svelte ballerina type, that's for damn sure.

Have a good week everyone !!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

WW Wednesday - Thursday Edition

So I never got around to posting yesterday.. I should actually post on Monday since that is my weigh in day but "Weight Watchers Monday" just doesn't have a fun ring to it.

Anyway - I weighed in and I didn't LOSE ANYTHING! I'm trying to think positive, I didn't gain, but I didn't lose. I don't know about ya'll but I practically turn into the Incredible Hulk when I don't lose and I've had a good week. I was so excited to weigh in so I could see how much I lost .. the victim (umm, I mean lady) told me that I didn't lose anything. What did you say to me? Didn't lose? Are you serious? Are you really mother-truckin' serious? Is your SCALE broken? Do you think my bra weighs 5 lbs? I'll take it off! I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL TAKE IT OFF!!! THIS IS BULL SHIT!!! Then I called my long haired yankee boyfriend and he had to listen to me rant for about 5 minutes (which I'm absolutely certain he wasn't paying any sort of attention) while I screamed about how his fat girlfriend had to get her fat self weighed at the stupid weight watchers and how I hope he liked FAT GIRLS cause he's girlfriend is a FAT GIRL. So anyway, I obviously calmed down but I swear I was gonna run out of the weight watchers like cool-aide man runs through a wall... or Janet Reno on Saturday Night Live.

I met all my goals last week except for the 2 classes before weighing in. That was out of my hands and due to a work though so I don't feel too bad. HOWEVER, I did track every single day last week!! My friend Carol made a great point - if you don't track on the weekends, that's 8 or 10 days. I don't know about ya'll but weekends are tough. I have hard time getting motivated to work out, I want to drink beer, watch football and eat nachos on the weekend.. and wear only pants that have an elastic waistband. (I LIVE in yoga pants on the weekend.) I need to change that mentality.

Weekly Goals:
-Drink all my required water every day. (About 4 days a week I get all my water in... then I'm come REAL close the other 3 days. I need to consistently drink my water.)
-Continue tracking every single day.
-Work out at least once this weekend.

Sooo, if you see some crazy red head running around the parking lot of a weight watchers trying to tackle oncoming cars, you know I've had a bad week. Break out the dart gun so I won't innocent bystanders...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Colin is playing football this year.. YESSSSSSS!!! I haven't been able to get to a game yet with my schedule but his Mom was kind enough to take a few photos in his uniform and send them to me. Being from the South, we live, eat and breath football.. especially high school and college ball. Being Southern means that Fall isn't about leaves changing but about SEC FOOTBALL!! GOOOO DAWGS!!!

Anyway - I got distracted.. where was I? Ahh yes, Colin. This boy is such a sweet kid. When I was 12 years old - I was an absolute HORROR to be around. God, I was such a bitch. (Sorry Mom, Beth, Leah and everyone else in my family.) Colin is so good and non hormonal. He does such unusual things as come up to you and just HUG you and says that he loves you.. what's up with that? Crazy right? (I'm so cynical, I'm always like "what do you want?".. gotta give the kid some material to work with his therapist when he's older) He is really helpful around the house. The other day I told him I would pay him to help me clean the house, and do you know what he said? He said I didn't have to pay him, he's just glad to help. Whhhhhaaaaaaaa???

No worries, we aren't perfect and neither is he. I'm not trying to paint you a picture of us picking wild flowers on the side of the hill in matching sweaters. He does have a bit of a potty mouth. (We catch him saying damn all the time - which DUH, I tell him be like a normal 12 year and not CUSS in front of his parents, but rather behind their back. Sheesh) I told him if he has a filthy mouth, he's going to do filthy chores.. like scrub the toilet. I think I may institute a swear jar at our house for the weekends that he is over because Rich and mine language isn't better. By the time the weekend is over, we would have enough $$ for a fine dining experience! HA.

Good luck with football Colin. I love ya (even though I tell you that I just "like" you because I'm not ready to make the commitment yet.) You're a great kid and a joy to be around. And we'll never speak of this again...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weight Watchers Wednesday

So, I've been a TOTAL slacker about my WW posts... I've been doing the tracking online but I haven't been going to weigh in. ***I MUST GO WEIGH IN EVERY WEEK*** That's the only way this works for me. I have to be held accountable. For about 2 months now I haven't weighed in BUT I thought I was okay b/c I've been tracking (except on weekends.. more on that below) and I FINALLY went this past Monday and I only lost 1.8 LBS!!!!! I guess it's good that I lost rather than gained, but had I been going in every week, I would be celebrating a 10 or 15 lb weight loss. I'm so pissed at myself.

So, I thought about setting weekly goals and I thought of rewarding myself with a manicure if I met these goals every week.. but then I thought, who am I kidding, I get a manicure every week anyway. (It's a medical condition.. other women may be afflicted as well) if a pro doesn't do my nails, they look shitty. I also can't paint my right hand with using my left hand.. well I CAN, but it looks like my 18 month old niece did it.

Anyway - I figured I'm old enough to set goals for myself EVEN though I'm not going to get a reward. I think this might be what they call "being a grown up"

Weekly Goals:
-Track on the weekends. I really good about tracking during the week, I don't track AT ALL on the weekends. And obviously I tend to overboard. If we are off on the weekend, we cook good meals, we lounge around the house, relax, eat desert.. etc.

-Work out on the weekends. I don't work out on the weekends. During the week I work out just about every day and about 2 or 3 times a week, I work out twice a day. I need to get to the gym, take a walk, ride my bike or SOMETHING AT LEAST ONCE on the weekend.

-Attend my cardio kick boxing class twice before weigh in on Monday. This week is tough because I am at show site. When you leave the house at 6 a.m. and don't get back home until 7 or 8 p.m., it's hard to squeeze in a work out. I'm sure some people are hard core and dedicated by not me.

So wish me luck!!! Hopefully I'll have good news to report next week!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Born in the USA - Hell YAH I was!!!

Steve and Lucia with the LEGENDARY E-STREET BAND
Nitschke and Hovan (our tailgating host)

Lucia and I with Giant Stadium, and the porta potty, behind us

Sooo, as many of you know and are prob sick of hearing, I went to see the Boss this past Friday night. Rich couldn't make the show so it was just me, Nitschke, Lucia and Steve. This was the last concert in Giants Stadium and Bruce was playing his Born in the USA album. (If you remembered - when I saw him last Wednesday, he played his Born to Run album) I don't normally listen to Born in the USA and I forgot what a freakin' AWESOME ALBUM it is!!! It was such a great concert.. and lemme tell ya .. when he hollers "ONE, TWO, ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR" and the drums and keyboard start playing BORN IN THE USA, you go freakin' bananas!!! I wasn't the only one! Steve said he was probably going to faint when he heard the song and Nitschke shed some tears.

Born in the USA was the first album Springsteen played in the 80's for his FIRST concert at Giant Stadium (which Nitschke attended) so it was a bit emotional for Nitschke... bless his heart.

We had a great time. These yankees ARE SERIOUS about their tail gating. We went to meet up with a friend and he had penne a la vodka, sausage and peppers, and freakin BAR set up, and COSMOS.. and honestly I don't know what else, cause I made the a bee line to the cosmos. Luuv me some martinis. Thank God we only met up with him later cause I would have been face down in the weeds of Meadowlands. Scootch over Hoffa, I need a place to rest!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cross to Bear

So - Rich has decided NOT to cut his hair... even with everyone telling him it looks much better shorter and one comment that he resembles a serial killer. (Thanks Mom) He said that instead of getting his hair cut, he was just going to start using conditioner. *Sigh* Yeah, conditioner. Whatever, I give up. I'm throwing in the towel.

Rich claims he's keeping his hair long for our trip to Georgia. It's his homage to Greg Allman. Laaaaadies, I know I know, don't be jealous.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Restraining Order

So - I promise this blog isn't turning into some sort vehicle to stalk Bruce Springsteen. The concert last week was so KICK ASS that I got tickets to see him again this Friday night as well. This is going to be a milestone - the last concert at Giant Stadium. Bruce is playing his "Born in the USA" album.

I'm so excited.. so excited. I can't even tell ya'll. Picture a contestant on "Price is Right" winning the Se bring Convertible or Winnebago with the flat screen t.v., multiply by 10, and that's how excited I am!

Now - I can't decide.. should I get an American Flag bandanna and wear it on my head as a sweat band? Should I cut off the sleeves of a white tshirt and wear some jeans.. in honor of the Boss? I might get picked to dance on stage if I match the American Flag in the background. Hmmmm....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Promise Land

I-ah have-ah been-ah to the-ah river-ah and it has washed me clean-ah. (For those of you that haven't been to a fire and brimstone sermon, it's just like a regular sermon but add the "ah" after every word and talk about hell alot. That's pretty much it!)

Last night was the best concert EVER!!! It was absolutely AMAZING! Words cannot describe how incredible it was.. it was practically a religious experience. As soon as he hit the chord for the beginning on Thunder Road, I got a glimpse of just how manic I could be as a fan. I'm talking screaming at the top of my lungs, jogging in place, hysteria!

And Backstreets... oh my god Backstreets. Did you go download the song yet like I told you? Well, hopefully you got the live version, there is one part in the live version where he sings "I hated you when you went AAAHHHHHWAAYYY.. OHHHHH OHHH... ohh yaaaah" (the last part is where he "croons" at the top of his lungs) That is prob my FAVORITE part in any Bruce Song. That part came on.. and it was like it was just me and Bruce in the stadium. I even did the hand motions when I sang that part (you gotta sing along.. you just gotta) You know the hand motion - the one where your hands start by your side, and as your signing along at the top of your lungs, eyes closed of course, your arms go higher, and higher.. slow motion .. very William Dafoe in Platoon...

The Boss played for FOUR FREAKIN' hours!! I barely have the stamina to sing along for four hours, it's incredible that he can! The concert was so amazing, I don't know if I can go see him live again. I don't know if my expectations could live up to last night. Oh, who am I kidding. We're trying to get tickets for the last night. Last concert in Giant Stadium.. that's gonna be a hell of a show!