Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tramps Like US!

Baby we were born to RUUUUUUNNNNN!!!

I got the best news EVA yesterday. We are going to the Bruce Springsteen concert tonight in the Meadowlands and he is playing the "Born to Run" album in it's entirety!! To you know how FREAKIN AWESOME this is going to be? It's his BEST album (in my opinion.. and this is my blog, so that's really all that counts) in his home state! I'm so excited. My 2 favorite Bruce songs are on this album - Thunder Road and Backstreets. If you have never heard these songs before, down load them RIGHT THIS INSTANT on your Ipod. You can thank me later.

This will be my 4th Boss Concert. Seeing him in his "natural Jersey" environment is something else! I love it when he throws out random Jersey landmarks or locations in his songs and the crowd goes wild. It's like he's personally identifying with each and everyone one of us.. even though it's completely generic. For example, last year when we saw him at the Meadowlands he sang "Jersey Girl" There is one line that goes "Down at the shore, everything is alright" The crowd goes freakin' bananas ... THE JERSEY SHORE!!! WE KNOW THAT PLACE!!! BRUCE - OVER HERE, OVER HERE, i'VE BEEN TO SHORE!! YAAAAHHH!!! Same thing when he does AmericaLand and mentions New York City.. Holy shit... I almost passed out with excitement. We think it's ironic or a coincidence. NEW YORK CITY!! i LOVE NEW YORK! I WAS JUST THERE TODAY! I CAN SEE IT FROM HERE! BRUCE I LOVE YOU!!!

Anyway - this might be the best concert that I'm going to in my life! I'm so excited!!! WOOO! Don't be surprised if you see me on Bruce's next video dancing with him on stage.. he does have a soft spot for red heads!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Vote for your favorite look!

Long Hair or what I like to call "I won the Air Guitar World Championship"
Short Hair, Nice Hair, Pretty Hair

Rich and I have had some "discussions" regarding his hair. I think he should get his hair cut, he thinks that I'm just jealous because his hair is so luxurious. I'm not even trying to be funny when I say that.. those are literally the words coming out of his mouth. Which A) I'm not jealous and B) if this WERE a competition, I would win because I have great hair.

Friday I "did" his hair for him. He hasn't had a hair cut since the time I buzzed it for him last winter, which was a complete disaster. I put mousse, and smoothing serum in his hair and then dried it. He then informed me that his hair would look good if put a little extra effort into doing it. (I know.. that's sooo wrong on so many levels. I think my eyeballs are going to be in a permanent eye roll. And my new term of endearment is "you're an idiot")

Sooo - since Rich thinks I'm trying to sabotage his beauty, why don't ya'll tell me which hair you like better? Leave a comment!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Couch (FINALLY)

Old Couch - BEFORE
New Couch - AFTER

So I'm going to bore ya'll with pictures of my new couch. It took me FIVE YEARS to pick out a couch, so deal with it. Our couch FINALLY arrived on Monday! Those of you who I am friends with on Facebook know that I had some serious reservations about the couch fitting through the door. Well, it did.. thank god. If it didn't, I would probably still be laying in my front yard sobbing.

Anyway - I picked a leather couch. I figured it would last longer and be a bit more stain resistant because SOME PEOPLE in my house spill things. (okay.. mainly it's me and usually my wine..)

I need to get new cushions. I also had a rug but it looked weird with the new table. I moved the rug in another room and I think I've found one I like at JCPenney. (JCPenney has the BEST home stuff!) I love love LOOOOVE the Rooster cushions. I keep looking for cushions and I keep coming back to these. This TOTALLY goes with my somewhat "Cracker Barrel" theme I have going on. (You can't see my "Georgia Wall of Fame" in this picture, but just know that I have one in my living room. Don't be jealous)

P.S. I know my pictures aren't that great. I need to start using a "real" camera instead of my cell phone.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mary Poppins!!

Yesterday a friend from work called because he had some extra tickets for the matinee of Mary Poppins on Broadway today. Colin was my lucky little guest! (Well, mainly because Beth didn't want to go.. lol! Thank God "Aunt Beth Death", as Colin calls her, was too tired from her trip to Vegas)

This a.m. we got up and went to the city early. I packed us a lunch (to save some $$$) and we ate in Bryant Park. They were dissembling the remnants of Fashion week and since I work in the "Special Events and Tradeshow" field (i'm a glorified carnie) I geek out watching stuff like that!

We moseyed around Times Square and people watched and went into various stores. Colin wanted to into Toys R Us and I have never been in the one at Times square.. very cool! They have a giant Barbie house, a huge T-Rex, all this neat-o stuff. Then I told Colin since I went to his toy store, he was going to have to go to mine.. SEPHORA!!!! There are TWO Sephora stores in Times Square. I dragged Colin into both.. I had to make sure I wasn't missing anything!

The play was AMAZING! First of all, I love the movie Mary Poppins. (Hmmm, who doesn't?) This was also my first Broadway play in NYC. YEs, I know.. I've lived up here long enough to have gone to one but never have. It is incredible all the things they can do to the stage! It was spectacular! I'm so glad we got the opportunity to go! Thanks Tom for the tickets!

Friday, September 18, 2009

What Would Reba Do?

Some people use the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) as a guide for their life. That's pretty lofty and I wish I could say that I do that, but I do the next best thing.. WWRD. WHAT WOULD REBA DO.

I love love love Reba. (For those of you that live under a rock, I'm talking Reba McIntyre. Country Music Legend, Renowned Actress and Comedian and my very own personal hero.) What is not to love about Reba? She has red hair, her music kicks ass, she has one of the funniest shows on TV.. she's great!

I'm not sure which is my favorite Reba song. I would say it's a toss up between "One Promise too Late" or "Fancy". Reba is so awesome, she can sing a song about a prostitute turning her life around! Who else could do that?

I gotta say too that I'm a little sad that Reba's not wearing her hair so big anymore. I'm definitely subscribe to the "the higher the hair, the closer you are to God" theory. Nothing says Country Music Legend like big hair and lots of sparkles.

If you aren't a fan of Reba, I would encourage you to watch just one of her shows and download some of her music. In an age when the TV is filled with a bunch of crap, she has a wholesome, funny family show that isn't cheesy. You can really see her code of values.

Maybe Reba will read my blog and hire me.. hopefully she won't turn me in for being a creepy fan. LOVE YOU REBA!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Leah!

Yesterday was Leelee b'day. (Sorry this picture isn't too clear... it was all I had with me) I won't give an age because then people could figure out my age. We still haven't gone out for her b'day yet. She is on a long term assignment and is flying back and forth to Chicago every week. With her schedule, Beth's schedule and my schedule (or lack of) we will probably have to celebrate when we all congregate in Georgia for Thanksgiving. I even got Leah's b'day present on time this year!!! I think that's the first time that has ever happened!

Happy B'day Leah! Love ya!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What's Wrong with this Picture??

What is wrong with this picture? The answer is NOT that Matthew Mc. is wearing a shirt. Nope - what is wrong is where in the heck is their stuff? Is that tiny little bucket all they brought to the beach? Do they have some fabulous "schelper" who carries their stuff for them? You should see all the shit (I mean essential items) that Rich and I bring to the beach. We have 2 beach bags (one big one for the towels and beach blanket and the other for our wallets, car keys, drink coozies, sun tan lotion, books, ipods, cell phones, hair brush, deodorant, etc.) 1 cooler, 2 beach chairs and 1 umbrella. We are loaded down with stuff walking from our car to the beach. And this isn't just us!!! That's everyone you see going to the beach! Homeless people own less than what it takes for us to go to the beach.. I know we've all seen the poor dad of the family of 4.. especially if that family has 2 small children. It's exhausting just to watch those poor fellas!

Must be nice Matthew, must be nice!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Dixie Playground Photos

My Aunt Lea is going to kill me for uploading these photos (I would say Grandma Betty too but we've never ever done anything bad enough for Gma to get mad. Heaven help us if we do! Gma could catch us with a bloody knife over a dead body and she'd just make us some breakfast because we were obviously "out of sorts" and pat our hand!)

Anyway - these pictures just make me laugh. I guess we are little bit more laid back in the South. I remember cutting the grass when I was 10 years old.. now no one dream of letting a child near a lawn mower at such a tender age. A few years ago, I suggested that Colin and his little friend ride in the back of Rich's truck on the way home. You should have heard the gasps of horror! You would have thought I suggested that we take Colin and run him over 10 times. Apparently it is illegal to ride in the back of a truck up here.. they don't even let you carry your dog in the back! I spent half my life riding in the back of my dad's truck.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Whhhaaazzzup guys? (Did I even spell that right? There is nothing more horrifying than a middle age person trying to be young and cool... but basically, that is YALL'S cross to bear, not mine.. hahaha)

We went to the beach this weekend. We got a late start on Friday because ummmm, it took me a while to clean up from Book Club. Like all freakin' day... OKAY, OKAY.. I won't lie. Book Club kicked my ass. I had a hangover that would make a roadie from Motley Crue proud. Good God.. I'm not even sure what book we are reading next, when our next meeting is.. and even if I am still allowed back to the club (and I started it!) As usual, Rich made EXCELLENT appetizers. We had tempura friend chicken fingers with different dipping sauces, grilled veggies with a sherry vinaigrette, grilled pizza with a home made roasted tomato sauce, and grilled steak bruschietta with broccoli rabe (that's sorta like yankee collard greens.. I hadn't had them until I moved up here.) Rich had to run out for a fire call and then Beth and I jumped into the kitchen.

Saturday we went to the beach all day and yesterday, because it was overcast, stayed holed up in the trailer and watched "Band of Brothers" Marathon. There is something about the trailer lifestyle that really makes you want to lounge in your pj's all day. We aren't fully integrated to the style yet.. there are still some tell tale signs. 1) Rich wears a shirt 2) we don't smoke 3) we weren't drinking canned beer for b'fast. But a person always needs goals. Maybe next year.

Today, I'm going to try something different. I'm going to make a Menu Plan. I have friends on other blogs that do it every week. I don't have the energy or the know-how to post it but it seems like a good idea. Rich and I normally shop for what we need for dinner that day... I'm going to try it b/c I have all these recipes that I have cut out, pasted in a notebook, but still have not cooked. I know- that's pretty lame. Don't get me wrong.. we eat WELL here. Rich whips up the most amazing food and I do okay (as long as there is no stupid crock pot involved) I'm more of a "concept" person though. I like the idea of cooking but then halfway into it, I'm like screw this.. I'd rather be reading on the couch with a glass of wine. We also don't have a dishwasher, so I don't even attempt anything that will dirty alot of dishes.

Anyway - I'll give this meal plan a try this week. We shall see.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Why Hath Thou Forsaken Me?

Crockpots are stupid and I think mine is broken. The crockpot claims to make your life easy.. just throw the ingredients in the pot and you'll have a great meal. All I have to say is bull s&^t!!! Everything I have stuck in a crock pot has come out tasting like something you would scrap off the bottom of your tennis shoe after spending the afternoon walking in New York City...yah, that gross.

The only thing I CAN make in the crock pot is bbq.. I only think that is because the crock pot recognizes the dixie in my blood and is scared to go up against it. But chicken?... sawdust. Pot Roast? Pot Ass is more like it.

Anyway - I'm super close to drop kicking my stupid crock pot. Go away and quit taunting my lack of cooking abilities.. You think you are SOOO funny.. taunting me like that. Yeah sure, everyone should be able to throw something in a pot and let it cook unsupervised for 8 hours. You suck crockpot!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fine Line

My sister went to a wedding this weekend. I looove weddings.. love 'em. Not the ceremony part (BOR -- ING!) but the party part! Nothing is more fun than getting dressed up and going to eat appetizers all night, drink beer and dance.

Before I go to a wedding.. I do have to prep. There is a FINE LINE I must traverse.. like a tight rope ...while I am at a wedding. Let me start by saying that I am a self conscious dancer. Shocking.. I know. Someone that is as loud, obnoxious, attention grabbing as myself hates the attention that I so obviously crave. HOWEVER... I love to dance. It's a dilemma alright. (Last night I downloaded some new music and went on a walk. I walked for 30 minutes but was gone for 45.. I spent 15 minutes in my mud room dancing like a maniac.)

Yah baby - I got moves alright. Moves that will end me up on America's Funniest Home Videos.

Back to the wedding.. when I go to a wedding, I need to have JUST enough to drink so that I can dance BUT not so much that I'm the talk of the wedding/family/town for years to come. There is no science to achieving this goal.. and truth be told.. I haven't yet. The wedding invitations, while so plentiful years ago, have come to a screeching halt. Ohh, I've got friends getting married, but word has gotten out. No one wants some fat girl on the dance floor (with the crowd cheering "Go White Girl, Go White Girl" )trying to clog like she was trying out for Hee-Haw.

So - the wedding season is winding down but here are some "don'ts" for you to learn from.. take my tails of humiliation.. let it be a reminder to you. If I can help just ONE person from being a jack ass, my job will have been successful.

1. Never take a person with the nick name "Meat Sauce" to a wedding with relatively new co-workers.
2. If you have a date being an idiot (such as meat sauce) feel free to leave him immediately. Do not, REPEAT, do not think he just needs some water or coffee.
3. Do not try to console the bride with the words "don't worry, this won't happen at your next wedding" when your idiot date crashes into the bride and grooms table.
4. Do not give the bride's little brother wine coolers (thinking that no one could possibly get drunk on wine coolers) just so he'll quit asking you to dance. Realize that the 15 year old boy was probably a much better choice than the lame-o you brought as your date.
5. Don't brag that you can do "the worm" .. especially if you are one of the bridesmaids.
6. Don't pack a cooler in the trunk of your car because you are worried the reception will run out of booze. That doesn't happen at receptions.. and then don't invite everyone back to your car for a party when the bride leaves. (and don't' hang out with people that will actually show up)
7. When your (male) date tells your (male) co worker that he has a pretty mouth - leave immediately. (Also important that your male co worker tells you what happened RIGHT AWAY as opposed to waiting until MONDAY! Also, don't cry. Note that the crying wasn't because your date was hitting on a guy, but that uhh helloo, you looked sooo much better than the co worker. What the hell?)
8. Don't try to prove that someone is wearing a toupee by trying to dance it off of him.
9. Don't, don't, don't request Freebird and don't wear you dates tie as a head band to push back your hair cause you are dancing so hard.
10. Don't invite me to your wedding.