Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Howdy! Soo, I've been going to WW on Thursday but WW Wednesday has such a nice ring to it.. I can't think of anything nearly so catchy for Thursday. Any suggestions anyone? Feel free to let me know!

Anyway - this week I lost 1.5 lbs! Woo hoo!!! I started a new thing this week, working out during my lunch hour. My gym is right by my office, I could literally walk there if this wasn't such an industrial area. It's AWESOME! When I go after work, I don't work out that hard because I'm ready to go home.. I'm just going through the motions to get out of there. I wasn't doing to well with the morning work outs either. It's such a pain in the ass to schlep your crap back and forth. I'm the Goldilocks of working out.. lunchtime is JUST RIGHT! I throw my hair in a pony tail. I carry a towel, deodorant and baby powder. I do get sweaty but I just wipe it off, throw on some more deodorant and perfume, refresh my make up and then I'm on my way. It bothers some people to come back sweaty but not me! First of all, it's just work... second of all... I could be enjoying a book and a nice glass of wine at 5:30 relaxing instead of hoofing it on the stair master.

I'm still trying to eat more fruit and veggies... I just don't like them unless they are in a pastry or covered with butter. Anyone have any suggestions?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

White Trash B'day Bash

Leah and Jenny getting trashy for the party. (Pls note Jenny's feather earrings!)

Leah and her boyfriend Donato. You can't see it in the picture but he had a rat tail for the party!

LADIES! I know... hands off! He's mine!!

We've been planning a surprise party for Beth's 30th b'day for about a month. We went with a White Trash theme and called it "White Trash B'day Bash" We had so much fun planning for it! We pushed the furniture out of the way, strung a clothes line in the living room. Printed a bunch of nascar photos and WWF and put them over the existing photos in the house. We served white trash food.... off brand chips and drinks (diet rite, dr. thunder) We had a 3' sub that we served off the ironing board. We brought the outdoor furniture inside.

Beth was completely surprised, she had no idea. Our Mom came up and took her out for the day. We had a trashy outfit laid out for her to change into. I'm so mad that I didn't take more pictures... I have no pictures of Beth! I'll have another post with more pictures when folks send them to me, they are just too funny. Everyone was extremely creative with their costumes! Everyone has a White Trash alter ego that is waiting to be unleashed!
Side note: For those of you that haven't seen me in a while, I'm not really pregnant! Apparently my white trash costume was so convincing that several people at the party believed I was "with child".. which is pretty scary considering all the Coors Lite I consumed.

Friday, April 24, 2009

WW Wednesday - Friday Edition

So, I couldn't make the WW meeting on Wednesday night. I was going to go during lunch but there was no lunch meeting. Yesterday, Jenny and I had to travel to White Plains to meet with our favorite client. We discussed our show and then went to an awesome lunch at Mario Batali's place in Port Chester, NY. This client not only is alot of fun, but he's also a foodie. He takes us to some great places.

Soooo - long story short, Beth and I went to the WW meeting today at lunch- I lost 1.4! woo hoo! Seems like it's slow and steady but I just feel so much better for doing SOMETHING! (God - anything!) I've been working out, drinking lots of water, etc. I guess my biggest challenge is eating all the fruits and veggies. I didn't realize how many snacks I had a day. Granted they are "healthy snacks" but it's not fruit or veggies. I don't know about ya'll but I'm a huge fan of the 100 calorie packs. I know it's cheaper to just buy that stuff and separate myself but especially when I'm working in the city, it's nice to just have something to throw in your purse.

Anyway - this weeks' goal for me is more fruit/veggies for snacks and only one "processed" snack a day.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baseball and BBQ

Yesterday we went to Colin's baseball game. After the game, we took Colin to Bailey's Smokehouse. They have the BEST BBQ! We had nachos with brisket... it was sinfully delicious! (And also 15 ww points.. but worth it!) I loooooooooooooove nachos! There isn't a nacho I've met that I have not loved.
Friday night - a couple of us went to see a movie. We wanted to see "Observe and Report" but I had the wrong time. We ended up seeing "Knowing"... if I can stop at least one person from seeing this terrible movie, then I'll consider this blog a success. Oh my god - it was AWFUL! As Nitschke said... "that's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back!" Amen!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Favorites!

For this Friday Favorite, I present to you.. MAGNUM PI!!!! (or Tom Selleck.. both work for me!) And just in case you are wondering, that's Mr. PI's manly chest hair, not a t-shirt! Woooooo baby! Nobody can pull of the 'stache like Tom Selleck. Even after all these years, he's still super sexy. And tall.. and hairy! Love it! Sometimes I get to see movie stars walking around in NYC. I think I would swoon or start screaming (with tears streaming down my face) if I were to see Magnum PI strutting around town in his short shorts. Maybe one day my dreams will come true.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weight Watchers Wednesday

So I've been pretty lame and haven't posted much of anything this past week. Beth and I went to our Mom's for the Easter Weekend. We came home early and didn't even have Easter dinner. Instead we found a Subway that was open.... that's how hard core we are about this plan! Screw you Easter Bunny and your damn delicious Reese Peanut Butter Easter eggs that are calling my name from the discount section of all the grocery and drug stores! Why must we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus with candy? WHYYYYYYY!

Anyway, last night was our weight watchers meeting. Our deliciously Jersey leader was out sick, boo hoo. Anyway, I lost 1.6 lbs. Off to a slow start but that's okay. It's not as a good as some other person in our group that lost FIVE POUNDS without even following the stinking diet!!! But, this is life changing commitment and I cannot compare myself to others.

Beth and I have turned into total weight watcher nerds. I have the application on my iPhone so I'm able to enter my points right away, where ever I am. I do all the tracking online, I love their etracker, or whatever they call it. Beth has been a huge help in keeping me on track. The other a.m. I was feeling a bit under the weather from the martinis I consumed the night before (3 points each) and all I wanted to do was go to the bagel buffet and get a whole wheat bagel with low fat cream cheese or go to McDonald's and get a chicken biscuit BUT she wouldn't let me. Instead I had toast and jello. Probably the worst food EVER for a hang over. That's been the only night that I've had drinks. If you bank your points for the week for booze, you end up getting way buzzed early b/c if you are like me, you've been eating 0 point stuff all day. Hmmm, I'll have to tweak that a bit.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Okay, so last night Jenny, Beth and I all joined Weight Watchers. I'm not going to humiliate myself by putting my actual weight on this blog for the whole Internet world to read. I would rather listening to "open mike" jazz night at some lame-o coffee house... that doesn't serve booze. (That's pretty much my definition of PURE HELL!!) Anyway, like everything we do up here.. the weight watchers meeting was SO JERSEY! I know I'm going to offend all my Jersey friends but really, everything up here is like a Saturday Night Live Skit. Seriously! It's so funny. We only make fun because we love!

Well our new Weight Watchers leader has red hair (nuttin' wrong with that) lots of make up and likes to accessorize in leopard print... perhaps I like her because she reminds me of myself in 30 years. She also called on us.. which I didn't like at all. My favorite was she asked us how we exercise Self Control. Uhhh, duh... if I exercised any self control, I wouldn't be here! I actually wouldn't be alot of things if I had any self control. (Like a lush) Do you ever have days where you show up to work not hungover and you think that maybe you could have been a CEO of a company if you hadn't stayed up late every night drinking cheap Pinot Grigio and playing old Bee-Gee's on the INTERNET juke box of your favorite local bar. Ahhh, but who wants all the stress of being someone important?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the meetings. Next meeting I need to have a snack before going because I thought I was going to pass out from hunger. They were talking about recipes and I thought I was going to go all "animal" on the place and start ripping down boxes of weight watcher bars from the wall. It's not low fat if you eat the entire box!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mexican Birthday Bash!

Saturday night we went to our co-worker Steve's Mexican B'day Bash at his home in West Nyack. We had a great time, great friends, great food and great drinks! The party was a mix of family, friends and GES co-workers. Beth and Brian couldn't make it because they had Dylan this weekend and Lucky Leah spent the weekend in Georgia with the family.