Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I can't help it!!!

I can't help it! I know I'm partial to family pictures.. but gosh darn, aren't these cute??? Granted.... it's the evening, and I've had a few glasses of wine, but J-Bob is so cute! I just can't stand it!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

I've been tagged!!

My friend Mandy Mac tagged me on her blog. This is a bit like a chain letter but it's the perfect procrastination tool. I normally read celebrity gossip websites when I need a break from work, but I'm absolutely SICK of hearing about Michael Jackson. I really don't care. I can't wait for all this hoopla to die down so I can go back to seeing what bikini Kate Gosslin is wearing in her driveway and if Jen Aniston and Bradley Cooper are dating.. you know, the important stuff!!!


Things I'm looking foward to:
1. My show that moves in next week to be OVER!
2. Thanksgiving: I'm going home to Georgia for a WHOLE WEEK!
3. Going to the beach on the weekends when I'm not working.
4. Finding that PERFECT kitchen table.. it is alluding me, but I will find.. don't you worry!
5. 4th of July (I don't have plans but I'm sure something will come along.)
6. Next week being OVER! (Did I say that already.. well it needs to count twice!)
7. Seeing all my nephews and nieces when I go home!

Things I did yesterday:
1. Read 2 books
2. Took a nap
3. Couldn't sleep so got up and worked at 2 a.m.
4. Drove back from my Mom's house in Philly. (Well, technically Rich drove)
5. Put up clean laundry
6. Didn't burn anything (but that's mostly b/c I didn't cook)
7. Went to the library, but then realized it was closed, and then got mad b/c we pay all these taxes, have to pay to park, and they can't keep the dang library open for 5 hours on Sunday? What the hell?

Things I wish I could do:
1. Make more money
2. Not get so stressed about work
3. Figure out how to make a bottle of wine last all week.
4. Lose weight.. or rather, not like food. That would be best. My love affair with bread and pasta never grows stale.
5. Buy a new couch.. seriously, mine is hideous. I actually need a new couch, entertainment center and desk area.
6. Be on that show "What Not to Wear" That would be sooooo awesome! I love Stacy and Clinton and they could help be buy fabulous clothes!
7. Have more patience... and not want to inexplicably want to run over ill-mannered thoughtless pedestrians in my town that don't use the crosswalk, may attention to the lights, or the other cars in the road. Jerks.

Shows I Watch: (This is an easy one)
1. Top Chef
2. Rescue Me
3. Real Housewives of __________ (all of them!)
4. What Not to Wear
5. Anything on Food Network
6. 30 Rock
7. The Office

Favorite Foods: (Another easy one)
1. ITALIAN!!! I love pasta! There is sooo much great italian up here!
2. MEXICAN! There is NO mexican up here.. so sad.
3. Anything my Grandma makes. Nothing is ever better. The key is to tell Shawn dinner is 30 minutes later than it is, so the rest of us can eat. Stupid punk.
4. Anything Rich makes. He's a great cook. He can whip up these fancy meals super quick and easy, and they are soo delicious!
5. Our office does these "potluck" days and "bake offs" ... they are getting to be bad for my ass!
6. Anything at Book Club. Is the food great or are we just wasted? Not sure....
7. Taco Bell (I know.. but I love it!)

Places I've traveled:
1. Lower Alabama (most recent trip)
2. Texas
3. California
4. Chicago
5. Wyoming
6. South Dakota
(This is an easy one.. I travel alot for work and also several years ago, Beth and I went on a cross country road trip. We camped out and traveled the US in my sweet Saturn!)

Places I'd like to travel:
1. Ireland
2. Paris
3. Greece
4. Italy
5. Thailand
6. North Carolina Barrier Islands
7. Maine

People I tag:
1. Mom on a Mission (My friend from High school Val)
2. Polka Dots and Pinstripes (My sorority sis Amy)
3. Keeping up with the Kosters (My sorority sis Susan)
4. Lauren's London Adventures (My Cousin Lauren)
5. Green Kiddos (My friend from High school Steph)
6. Ekmik Var Mi (My friend from High school Elizabeth)
7. Maggie Mae and Mason (My sorority sis Bree)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I just can't stand it!!!

This picture is so darn cute that I can't hardly stand it!!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

So Stupid!!!

Soo, as I was just typing the post below, I kept smelling something fantastic but then I started smelling a little burning. I thought maybe the neighbor next door was grilling something and it got out of hand. I got up from the computer and went to the kitchen to look out the window because it over looks into the neighbors back yard and that's when I realized the smell and SMOKE was from MY KITCHEN!! I forgot I put chicken breasts in the oven. Son of a bitch.

To all the Father's that I know!!!!

Dad and all his Grandkids (B.C: Before Carley)
G'dad Dave and myself
G'dad Bob taking Colin for a ride on his Goldwing
Rich and Colin getting ready for the Mets Game on Father's Day

My Brother-in-Law Troy with Gage!

Shawn and Will!

My Step-Dad Joe at Yosemite this week

Happy Father's Day to all my family members that are fathers! (Hopefully we can add Austin to the list next year! hahahaha. Just kidding! I'm not trying to start a family rumor.) Allie is going to kill me for saying that. At least she will understand the pressure Beth and I are under. Uhh, Allie - your Mom HAS grandkids. You don't have to hear about how your Mom is taking up Golf because she has no grandkids to keep her busy. Also, your Mom doesn't drag out the first dress she made for you when you were a baby, when your boyfriend comes to visit FOR THE SECOND TIME and listen to how she's saving it.. JUST IN CASE! You, Lauren and Sarah need to THANK Shawn for accidentally getting his fiancee pregnant, sneaking off to get married 3 weeks later, pretending that it was just b/c they didn't want a big wedding. To this day I'm still shocked that Mom, Aunt Lea and Grandma were shocked that she was pregnant. DUH! Who does that that isn't PREGNANT!? If there is anything our family loves, it's a themed wedding with the opportunity to run into ex's.. husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. But in our special way, that just makes us an even closer family. (I was trying to explain to my niece Gracie how Cousin allie is related to her... she's her step-grandfather's, ex-wife's sister's daughter... I didn't tell her that. I just said that she just WAS and to quit asking so many damn questions.)
Ohhh- kay, I went off on tangent. This post is to celebrate all you Dad's out there! We have a great wonderful family! I love you all! Thank you for being so great!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Rich!!!

Yesterday was Rich's birthday. We are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate. We are going to a place that we have both been DYING to try.. Cafe Matisse in Rutherford. They have a tasting menu and have gotten great reviews.

This is going to sound corny and cheesy but Rich and I have really found a partner with each other. I think through everything else, we are great friends. We have the same (sick-o) sense of humor, and we just really enjoy each other's company. We can sit and talk FOR HOURS! Last night was a perfect example, we stayed up until 2 a.m. talking. Uhh hello, it's not like I don't see him every day. We laugh, we kid each other, we just have a really really good time with each other. Even if we doing something boring like grocery shopping or laundry, it doesn't seem like a "chore" because we are having a good time. And don't worry, we're not cheesy.. if you see us in public, you don't want to gag. We don't skip around town in matching sweater sets or ride tandem bicycles or feed each other in public (or private for that matter.)

We're also big foodies. (The proof is in the size of my ass.) We love Top Chef, Food Network, Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. We are always trying new recipes, new restaurants. We're food nerds. (And Trade show Nerds)

Happy Birthday Rich! Love you with all my heart.. even your grubby children. (Uhh helloooo- I hate kids. I swore last week I wanted my ovaries to turn to dust.) Even Colin who has to inform me about childbirth because somehow this 12 year old kid has more knowledge than me. ("Uhh, Mar, it's apart of life. You just need to accept it".. little shit)

I'm so glad we are together. Love ya babe!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


My blog needs a face lift. I wish I could think of a cool header... most of you know that I'm NEGATIVELY creative. Meaning, if you are a creative person, and you are near me, I just might SUCK the creativeness from you into some hideous void. Everyone has super cute blogs with cute backgrounds and cute headers. I would love to have a cute header... something southern yet something that reflects that I'm living up north. Hmmm. Any ideas - feel free to let me know.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Annual Family Vacation Pictures

Annual Family Vacation

My parents always rent a house at the beach every summer for a week. This year it was Daddy, Deb, Leah, Beth, myself, Elisha AND Elisha's 3 cuties - Carley, Gage and Gracie. Cousin Allie and Leah's friend Jules came down mid week as well. We spent our days laying on the beach, reading, relaxing, taking long walks, and just enjoying each other's company. This year we went to Fort Morgan, Alabama. (That is about 35 minutes away from Gulf Shores.) It was perfect. I have never vacationed in the fine state of Alabama before. Everyone makes fun of the South up here... and I'm from the deep South... Even we make fun of Alabama. (Why does the wind blow to the west? Cause Bama SUCKS!)

Okay - I can't figure out how to make the pictures come AFTER the posting.. Can anyone give me some pointers? The post below are the pictures. Here are some trip highlights.

-Visiting Flora-bama! Words cannot describe this redneck place.

-Sharing the "girls" room with Beth, Allie and Gracie.

-Spending the week with my adorable nephews and nieces. There were times when I told Rich I hoped my ovaries turned to dust because kids are HARD.. but it was worth the quality time!

-Massive head wound Leah getting into a fight with a curtain rod (and losing.)

-Wearing SPF 50 and still getting tan. (We were like 2' from the sun! I swear!)

-Skinny girl margaritas: I don't think I can drink another one ever EVER again.

-Listening to Dad holler at us for going "too far" out in the ocean. Keep in mind we are all in our late 20's/early 30's and most of us were life guards. Anything over your thigh is "too far" Not to mention it's just embarrassing to have your Dad waving you in from the ocean. (Daddy is a retired Fire Chief and is a bit over protective.. unless it has anything to do with drinking beer... then GAME ON!)

-Perfecting the art of holding one kid in the water, while holding a beer can in the other. (Drop the kid! Not the beer!)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Afternoon at Aunt Lea's

Aunt Lea and J-Bob
Aunt Lea and the boys
Aunt Le-Lee and J-Bob
Hanging out in Aunt Lea's carport
Silly Will and Aunt Allie
Will on his bike
J-Bob and Aunt Mimi
This Sunday we got up and went to brunch at Horseradish Grill with Allie and Austin. This place is FABULOUS! Our other cousin Lauren was dating the owner's son.. I think she was hit on the head because she broke up with him. (Uhh Lauren.. hellooooo he's a bartender, he is sitting on a gold mine over there. Are you crazy? A head injury can only explain your actions!)
After brunch we went over to Aunt Lea's house to hang out with her and the boys. Shawn had a baseball game and dropped the kids off. Today is Aunt Lea's birthday so we wanted to spend time with her as well. As you can see from the pictures above, the boys were clearly the stars of the show. Grandma Betty came by and we just all hung out and played with the boys. (And watched Aunt Lea spoil them rotten!!! An afternoon with Aunt Lea and the boys have chocolate, coca cola, you name it!)
Happy Birthday Aunt Lea!! We love you! I know the boys are going to have as much fun growing up with you as we did!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Some Vacation Pictures

Allie, Me, Beth, Jules and Leah at Flora-Bama. (Redneck bar!!)

Gage & Gracie buried in the sand.

Carley, Gage and Gracie being silly!!
Here some pictures from our vacation. I will post more later today or tomorrow. I actually had these saved and was trying to do it while at the beach but the lap top would not cooperate. We are back home - we flew to NYC this a.m. It was great relaxing on the beach and seeing our family. Can't wait to go back home again!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


We flew into Marietta on Thursday. Thursday night our parents had a big/BBQ party for us. Above are pictures of Shawn and J-Bob the next day. They were partied out. I'll post more pictures later. We are leaving for Gulf Shores until next Saturday. Have a great week!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We got tickets to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in September. This is the last concert in Giant Stadium! I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!! I thought about writing out all my favorite Bruce songs from favorite to least favorite but that's kinda stupid. (OR IS IT?)

Yesterday while driving home from work in the SWEET WAGON, I popped in my Bruce Live CD. I chose to listen to "Backstreets" Backstreets (Live Version) starts off with a piano solo for a few stanzas. I kept cranking the stereo until I had it full blast (by accident.. I thought I was going deaf) Sooo, when the DRUMS started crashing and the guitars by the second or third stanza, it scared the holy hell outta me and I jumped causing the sweet wagon to swerve 2 lanes into traffic. I forgot the sweet wagon had a sub-woofer. Why this car has a sub-woofer, I don't know. It came with it.. I certainly didn't ask for it. Now that it does, I'm big pimpin' around town with my kick ass stereo! Rollin' up at stoplight, playing my awesome-ly soft rock songs at full blast! WHAT UP BITCHES!!! That's right.. I'm playing SUPER TRAMP.

I'm headed home on Thursday. WOO HOO!!! Saturday we're going on our annual family vacation. Normally we go to St. George but this year we are trying out Gulf Shores. If any of my Marietta peeps are in town and want to PAR-TAY give me a call... as long as we are partying before 10 p.m. cause I'm old. That's how I roll.

Peace out!

PS - Seriously, we're having a BBQ at Daddy's house on Thursday night. Those of you may still remember how to get there. I won't give directions or the address on the world wide web. Shoot me a message on facebook or email me. I'd love to see everyone! It's hard to run around and see everyone when you are town for a few days so we decided to just have a party.