Friday, May 29, 2009

Frugal Friday

I love alliteration. Weight watchers Wednesday... now frugal Friday... even though I haven't been keeping up with Friday Favorites. Maybe this will be a good rotating post.

Sooooo - I'm sure your household is like our household. The economy sucks, everything is downsizing, if you aren't losing your job, chances are you have taken a pay cut of some sort, or a "furlough." Times are tough!!! Everyone is making sacrifices.

Now - I'm no diva, don't get me wrong. There are certain things that I see as a necessity that others may see as a splurge. Perfect example - pedicures. Do I NEED a pedicure? Well, to me that would be YES! I absolutely need a pedicure. Do I NEED to get the brows waxed? Uhhh - have you seen pictures of me in high school? The answer to that question is yes.

So, I've been doing alot of research on ways to save money. Yes, I could quit the pedicures but times aren't that desperate yet. I'm not getting as many as I used too (and really, no one should have been getting as many pedicures as I was!)

I've been trying to find ways to cut back here and there. As I get cool ideas, I'll pass them along. This isn't going to be some artsy fartsy "sew your own coupon booklet" type of crap but stuff that normal, busy, people will use.

Sooooooo - with that winded introduction - my tip this week is VINEGAR! I bought this huge thing of vinegar and I've been using it to mop the floors and clean stuff at the house. A bunch of websites have blogs for homemade cleaning solutions but I'm not one to measure. I just poured wicked hot water, dumped some vinegar, and squeeze some lemon juice in a bucket and went to town. (We got rid of the maid.. this has been the first time I've mopped since 2007) Worked like a charm and vinegar is only 1 buck for a gallon. You'll save a couple of bucks on cleaning solution and this is much greener.

My second tip is boxed wine. Uhh hhellllooo, I'm not going to quit drinking. If jobless hobo's can afford to drink, why should I have to stop? I looooove me some boxed wine! Fisheye makes a kick ass Pinot Grigio and it's only 17 bucks and the box holds 4 bottles. That's practically cheaper than soda!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Okay - as everyone knows, I'm been on Weight Watchers for the past 5 weeks. My biggest challenge is eating enough fruit and veggies. I work ALOT and it's hard to train myself to eat a banana in the afternoon instead of some crackers. It's also hard to keep fresh fruit and veggies in the house with our schedule. Plus - I have a SLIGHT addiction to carbs. Seriously, it's a major problem. Carbs are my crack rock.

So today, with my kitchen pretty freakin' bare b/c I need to go grocery shopping, I made this AWESOME smoothie. It is only 1 or 2 points. (It is 2 points of if you don't use the Splenda with extra fiber.) I'm also addicted to splenda. I use it in everything. Each packet of splenda has 1 gram of fiber. Which is great! My sweet tea is now a colon cleanser! (I use 6-8 packets in a glass... I know, I'm going to grow a 3rd eye ball.)

Smoothie (Makes 1 serving)
-1/2 cup of 0% Greek Fage Yogurt. (I buy those containers that is an individual serving.. or you can buy the big "buckets")
-3/4 cup of frozen fruit. I use whatever fruit is on sale at the grocery store. I went with 3/4 cup b/c that was the portion side on the back. This was a mixed berry, but you can use whatever.
-Diet Cranberry juice. I love this stuff b/c it is only 5 calories a serving! I mix it with flavored seltzer water to make a "water cocktail"
-Seltzer Water. I used orange b/c that's what I had in the fridge. You don't have to use this.. I was just out of the cranberry juice and it was too thick. The seltzer water adds some "fizzies" to the smoothie and no calories.
-3 fiber added splenda packets. This needs a sweetener. You could use honey too but I didn't want to add the points.

Just blend and serve. It's light and filling and it counts as a serving of fruit.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Too Cool for School

Last night we took Colin and his friend Cole to the Madonna Carnival in town. They went on a bunch of rides and came to me for $$ to get something to eat for dinner. Then, instead of spending the money on food, the two retards bought sunglasses. So, they looked cool but starved to death. And since I'm such a push over... I ended up buying them food anyway. I know, I know, they won't learn. They looked hilarious in their shades though. Tonight we're taking the punks to a movie. They haven't seen Star Trek and Rich and I went last weekend. (FYI - It's AWESOME!!!) So, against our better judgement, they are going to the movie alone while we see Angels and Demons. Yes - we'll be in the same place.. but you never know! Im not worried about THEIR safety.. more of the safety of those around them!

Now - for all my Southern friends - the Madonna Carnival is a like the Georgia State Fair but way smaller and it's in the parking lot of the local Catholic Church!!! I've never heard of a church putting on a fair (and there was nothing to do with Jesus or religion at this thing either!) It's crazy! My step-dad Joe swears that nuns make the best funnel cakes. I think he's right. Colin and Cole went for the rides, Rich and I went for the food. Let me tell, Carnival food is not good for the Weight Watchers diet. (Which I missed the meeting this week b/c of work.. but I'll be weighing in next week.)

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Favorites!

A few weekends ago, VH1 showed Dirty Dancing. I haven't seen Dirty Dancing in YEARS and I got completely sucked in. I forgot how much I loved this movie!! I remember this came out when I was in 5th grade and after I saw it I BEGGED my Mom to let me cut off my jeans so I could wear them like Baby did in the movie! I could make fun of the movie and talk about how cheesy it is.. but honestly, I get so memorized while watching it I don't think it's cheesy. It's just after .. and you start thinking about it. Like.. Patrick Swayze's character is supposed to be this tough guy - what kind of tough guy dances? I was telling Rich that I have never heard of a family "camp" like this place they went to either. For all of us in the South, apparently this was the thing to do up here in yankee-ville in the 50's and 60's. They call Northern New York the "Jewish Alps" around here. (Hey.. didn't make up the name.. just passing along some geography to all my friends south of the Mason Dixon.)

Anyway - I ended up downloading the entire CD on my Ipod. When I hear "Love man" at the gym, I have to fight the urge to Dirty Dance on the treadmill. Also, I want some of Baby's SWEET silver shoes. I could totally rock a pair of dirty dancing sandals like that in Jersey. I'm probably the last girl to get them in this state!

This is also my Cousin Allie's favorite movie. If she ever met a man that could do "the lift" to her... she would probably marry him on the spot. She's also a skinny girl. The only way some fella could lift me up over his head was if he got bit by a radioactive spider and got amazingly strong. I won't hold my breath. I just know if I get into a situation and I have to be pulled to safety, I'm a goner. Don't nobody got that kinda upper strength.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This blog post is actually (GASP) serious. I know a bunch of us from high school keep up with each other through our blogs. Our friend from high school Valarie had a death in her family. Her father in law passed away in a tragic accident. In high school Valerie was LITERALLY and figuratively a cheerleader. She has always been so upbeat and positive and cheering everyone on. She still is the same way. She is always leaving notes of encouragement on our blogs. Even though she is a thousands of miles away and I haven't verbally spoken to her in years, I still feel like we've picked up where we have stopped off.

So guys, keep Valerie and her sweet family in your prayers. We love you Val and let us know if you need anything!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Bike and Build

Katie is going to spend her summer biking across America in order to raise funds and awareness for affordable housing efforts. She leaves out of Virginia Beach in a few weeks and travels 3000+ miles to her final destination in Oregon. This trip is going to take approx. 72 days and she'll be traveling with a pack of other college kids. When they are not biking, they are going to be assisting communities in building housing. This is a way cool program and an unbelievable way to donate a summer to help others in need. Each cyclist is responsible for raising $4,000.00. She has spent her winter and spring preparing for the trip and raising money. She's pretty close but not quite there. I know times are tough but if you have some $$ to spare, please donate to this program. Every little bit counts, so don't think you have to donate hundreds of dollars. You can read more about the program, Katie and also donate at the link below.

Katie is almost done with her first year of college at Rutgers and so far loves it. I am completely amazed about this trip. What an awesome way to raise $$, see the country, and help others. Goo Katie! Remember to drink lots of water! Only faint if there is a cute guy to catch you and for god sakes invest in some daisy dukes b/c you are going to have some kick ass legs when this is over!

WW Friday

Today I went to Weight Watchers and I gained .2 lbs. Booo. At least it was only .2! (That's POINT .2.. not TWO lbs. I should have taken off my earrings and my underwear! Maybe I would have lost!) I was in Boston this week and it was Cinco de Mayo. (Did you know 1 margarita was 5 points? I should have looked that up before I had two!) I did use ALL of my extra points and all my activity points. Last night Rich and I went to the diner for dinner. We walked there from our house and I was thinking that I would have a soup and salad because I had no points to spare. My will power flew out the window once I crossed the threshold. I ended up getting a waffle. It was delicious. I even put real butter on it. I did only eat half but it wasn't a wise choice.

Anyway, I'm still struggling with eating all the fruits and veggies. I need to kick it high gear b/c I will be in a swimsuit in Gulf Shores in 5 weeks. If the weather ever warms up here, I'll be in one sooner.

Have a great weekend everyone! Rich and I are headed down to the Jersey shore to open the trailer for the summer. Woo hoo!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Beth!

Okay - this post is WAY late! Beth's official birthday was on Monday! I wanted to get some pictures of the birthday girl from the surprise White Trash B'day Bash. I won't mention her age.. don't worry! Most of you know that both of my sister's moved up to NJ and we all work for the same company. I'm so lucky to have both of them up here. Not too many people can say that their sister's are their best friends. We all work together, Beth and Leah LIVE together, we party together, we do just about everything together. I won't get too mushy here to avoid the waterworks (certain people have the emotional constitution of a 6 year old girl who's kitten got run over by accident.. I think most of know who I am speaking of... don't worry Nitschke, your secret is safe with me!)

Happy Birthday Beth! Here is to another year of good times, love and friendship! Love ya sis!