Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy (Belated) Birthday Jenny!

Wednesday was Jenny's 29th birthday. (We're the same age) We went out to dinner this past Saturday night in Hoboken at a Mexican Restaurant called Baja. We told the waiter on the sly that it was her b'day and could they sing and bring cake. He was like "we have penis cake, this okay? yes? okay!" We were all like.. ummmm, okay. Since we all have the maturity level of 11 year old boys, we all had a good laugh. They stuck sparklers in the umm, "balls" section of the cake. As disgusting as it sounds, it was pretty freakin' delicious. (Chocolate, bananas and deep fried dough.. what's not to love!? Who cares what shape it comes in!)

Happy Birthday Jenny! You are all of our best friends and like another sister. I couldn't imagine you not living up here! We have so much fun! Love ya!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Colin!

Today Colin turns 12! Colin has the lead in his play at school so he won't be coming down this weekend due to his rigorous rehearsal schedule. We will celebrate with him in the next few weeks. Love ya punk! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's Day

Since I'm a semi-responsible adult, I'm not spending the day drinking and watching the parade in NYC. Trust me.. I'm not happy about it either. I have a show moving in on Friday or else I would be at our local pub with a green beer mustache. Woo hoo!

I've been going to the gym in the morning, well, let's say TRYING to go to the gym every morning. (Some days are better than others.) This a.m. I brought my green shirt, black skirt, black cardigan and tights. The outfit sounds cute in theory. It's absolutely hideous! I look like some body's grandma going to a funeral on St. Paddy's Day (SPD) And since I got ready at the gym (which is practically next door to my office) I'm stuck with my poor outfit choice.

I guess my granny outfit matches my granny lifestyle. I used to base vacations around SPD. We would go to Savannah to party.. uugghh, now i'm hoping I'll be out of the office by 4:30 p.m so I can score a free corn beef sand which at the local pub on the way home. (Hey.. I'm on a budget, who isn't?)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weapon of Mass Destruction

Hi! My name is Mary and I love big purses.

The bigger the purse, the better. There might be something wrong with me because I absolutely, positively cannot pack light. It's an ailment. This affliction spills over into my everyday life because I even over pack in my purse. You name it.. and I have it in my purse. I could be stranded on an island for a year and that would be fine by me if I had my purse. I would run into a burning building after my purse.

Large can of aerosol hairspray - check. (I also carry a back up in my sweet wagon. A good southern girl is never too fair from a can of hair spray.)

Snacks - check. You never know when you are going to be in the middle of nowhere and starving to death.

Make up - check. I carry enough make up in my purse to do touch ups, or I complete and total new face. Uhh hellooo.. I'm from the south. If you don't wear make up in the South, everyone just assumes your mama died when you were a baby or else there is something really wrong with you.

Book - check. I have a book to read if I'm bored. I also carry several trashy mags as well. I'm the person that buys US magazine, LifeStyle, and OK every week. I read them and then give them away to lucky chosen person.

Gun - no check. Unfortunately it's illegal to carry a fire arm in the state of NJ.. even though I'm like the ONLY person that doesn't. (You see a a tan man wearing a warm up suit in a Caddy, chances are PRETTY high that he's packing heat!)

Booze - check. What's awesome about my purse is that you can carry around a BIG bottle of wine. There are alot of BYOB's up here and also, when visiting friends it's good to come prepared. Perhaps you are in a situation where you thought you NEEDED wine but it wasn't appropriate, well everyone is none the wiser b/c it's safely hidden in my purse.

Splenda - check. I love splenda. I put it everything. I'm probably going to grow a third eyeball. I put 3 packets in my hot tea, I'll put 7 packets in a glass of cold tea, 3 packets in my oatmeal. I heard there is a new aerosol splenda option!!! I've got to get some!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You break the rules, I break your neck!

I hate rule breakers!! They make me crazier than Axl Rose after a cornrow convention. (Dude, I know you are a rock star but seriously? Corn Rows?) You know who you are.. you nasty rule breakers. You're the jerk that doesn't clean the work out machine after you work out even though it's POSTED EVERYWHERE that you must. You're the ass hole that doesn't use a blinker when changing lanes. You're the loser that when the next cash register opens at the grocery store and EVEN THOUGH you are the last in line, you run over. I can't stand you!!! Polite society requires that we ALL follow basic polite rules so we can all co-exist in a friendly environment. Why do you make me want to put down my grocery basket and go beat the ever living shit out of you with my 50 lb purse? I'm just trying to get home after a long day dude... I don't want to kick any ass either.

Rulebreakers .. you SUCK! Just remember, you're not the only person out there. Try to have a little respect. I guarantee if you take a few moments to do something nice for a stranger, you'll feel better about yourself and it'll be reciprocated.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Car and Bear Mountain!

So, on Saturday I traded in my SWWWEEET Saturn in.. . I went in for the Suburu Forrester and ended up with an Outback. Yes, it's a Wagon.. no, I don't have kids.. nor am I even married. But dude, this car is AWESOME! It had so many bells and whistles and I got a GREAT deal. I test drove the Outback and Forrester on Friday, debated on which one I wanted and then went and picked up the Outback Saturday a.m. We decided to take a Saturday afternoon trip and hit the road and drove up to Bear Mountain in the new Sweet Wagon. This was my first trip to Bear Mtn and I cannot wait to go back. There are lots of bike trails, hiking trails, creeks, waterfalls, etc. It was beautiful. We took the winding way home and had dinner in a cute town called Piermont.

New Puppy!

Okay - I didn't get a new puppy.. Cousin Sarah got a new puppy. She brought the puppy over to Gma's for the boys to play with him. Hopefully, the puppy will survive all the "love" that Will is giving him. J-Bob is his usual cute self! He's into everything now and a complete maniac! What a cutie!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Pimpin' Ain't Easy

So to protect the innocent and save me some embarrassment, this post will contain no pictures. This morning I had a stupid flat tire. Last week, Leah accidentally hit my car when I was in Florida. A few months ago, I accidentally hit a tractor trailer and ripped my side view mirror out. My car is officially a Piece of Shit. (POS) It's served me well the past 9 years. It is a Saturn Sedan. The car is so cheap, it doesn't even have a style name. I got it right before I left college and I've had it since. It's been a great car. Beth and I went on a road trip across the United States in it when Beth got out of college. We went from Coast to Coast, down to Mexico, up to Idaho, the Dakota's, just about everywhere. I've never had to do any major work on it.. just an oil change.

However, it's time to pass the torch. I'm 29 years old and need to drive something a bit more professional. The driver side lock doesn't work b/c one time I locked my keys and Rich had to pick the lock. I've got no automatic locks or windows. This morning I rolled (late) into the parking lot with a donut on the back wheel, a headlamp dangling out (like an eye ball) and the car is now making some weird "clang clang clang" noise. Pimpin' ain't easy. Jenny and I are about to take a ride to the dealership to check out some new cars. She's going to drive me b/c if they see me pull up in the POS, it'll be a frenzy. I won't get out alive.

I'll miss cruisin' in the SUUUWWWWEET Saturn.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I loooove CHiPS (All caps except for the i!).. Why isn't this show on reruns on TV Land or something?? I remember watching the reruns to this show when I was little. Pretty much all episodes were the same. Officer Ponch and Baker would pull some one over, the "perp" tended to be much more guilty of something other than speeding, they would detect whatever crime, and then there was some chase down Venice Beach with a dude on roller skates, no shirt, and socks up to his knees. The episode would end with Ponch and Baker going on a double date with some chicks they met while trying to keep the streets of LA safe. Ahhhh, what a recipe to success.