Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nosy Neighbor

Monday I stayed home from work. It was around 10 a.m. and I was on the couch with my laptop doing work when I heard some commotion outside. There are these HUGE front windows in the den that allow you to see into the street (as you can see from the pictures above.) The across street neighbors car was on fire! This car was this mans pride and joy. It was an old Cadillac and it was given to him by JOHN TRAVOLTA!
Now - picture if you will.... I'm standing in this HUGE window... in my robe, plaid pj pottoms, hair unwashed and crazy, and my glasses. Not a pretty picture at all my friends. I realized that I've turned into the typical nosy neighbor! All I need is some rollers in my hair, a cigarette and a note book to keep track of all the comings and goings of everyone. I mean.. hellloooooooo.. I took pictures of this fire too! (I was calling Beth, Leah, Brian, Nitschke and Jenny telling them what was going on. Since they couldn't view the fire, I figured it was my duty to catalog for them via photography.)
It's a slippery slope.. first stop - nosy neighbor. Next stop - crazy cat lady. Look out Secaucus! I'm WATCHING YOU!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Book Club Pick

So we have a Wine/Book Club. I think I'm going to create a thingy on my blog that keeps track of what we've read so far. Wine/Book Club is alot of fun. Last month I didn't read the book.. I'm a complete book nerd but it just didn't interest me at all. This month it is my turn to the pick the book. I picked a super easy, super fun, super quick read. It's a part of the Aunt Dimity Series by Nancy Atherton. I just started reading these books and I LOVE THEM! They are so cozy.

Book club will be in the middle of March. We've got a crazy schedule.. yet again.. at work. All the members of Book Club are co workers so we just have to arrange around each other's crazy show schedules. Feel free to follow along. We normally start out with a discussion of the book, but as more wine is consumed, it quickly turns into catty gossip fest. Ahhhh, good times.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He's Just Not that Into You..

We had Monday off this week for President's Day. Woo hoo! Jenny and I tried to get massages but our place was completely booked. Instead, we went to Napoli's for Grilled Calamari (Soo good, I had never had it before I moved here. I think the secret is the hot peppers... and all the butter and oil that is slathered all over it!) Then we went to see "He's Just Not that Into You" It was REALLY cute. First of all, I love Jennifer Anniston! I think Angelina Jolie is a home wrecking skank with an eating disorder! Who is that freakin' bony after giving birth to twins? WHO!?? I'll tell you who.. someone who sold their soul to the devil. Anywho, Jennifer Anniston is so cute.. I love her hair, her clothes, her make up. The movie was cute. It's a definite chick flick so I wouldn't bring any men to this movie.

My favorite part of the movie is the previews! I looooooove the previews! Poor Jenny was sitting beside me and after every preview I was like "we have to go see that!" So 2 thumbs up for this movie!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I've been a crappy blogger lately. Sorry. I swear I'm going to get better. I have a pretty easy schedule right now too. It's actually amazing. I don't have another show until the end of March. Woo hoo! I don't think I take a trip either.. I'm not really sure. Anyway, I've just been so BLLLLAHHH lately. Is it this time of year or what? Last week Beth and I went to Cocoa Beach Florida and visited our Grandparents. That helped alot to recharge the batteries. We were able to go to the beach, hang out with our nephew, see our cousin and Aunt and lay out by a pool! In our swimsuits!!! I know that sounds silly but we've been wearing layers and layers to work everyday. My pasty white skin shouldn't been exposed to the daylight but if anything, it helped me get my ass in gear. I've been sooooo bllllllaaaah, I haven't been taking care of myself at all. I've just been in a rut. Well, hopefully that will change. Swimsuit season is descending on us quickly and I've got to get going... I don't think they sell waterproof mu-mu's for the beach!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is Mom's 41st b'day. (Nice... do you like how I do that.. the younger Mom is.. the younger I am. I'm barely out of high school!) She is in Vegas with our Step Dad Joe living it up! They are some resort where Joe can gamble and Mom can get spa treatments. Sounds divine to me!

Happy Birthday Mom! Love ya!