Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Favorites

Things have been quiet this week on the blog. I had the flu Monday and Tuesday (and not the "Irish Flu"...I was diagnosed by a REAL doctor!! It was just a coincidence I got it while I was hungover!) White Trash Tuesday was a no-go b/c I was sick. Work's been crazy, we're all traveling. Beth, Leah and Nitshcke left for Boston today... I leave for Chicago tomorrow.

This Friday Favorite's is brought to you by Mr. Brian Murphy. For those of you who may not know, Brian is my sister's Beth's boyfriend. (See my post on "Backup Characters".... I still don't know how to do that underline-y thingy.) Be prepared to be slightly disturbed. Also, keep in mind that Brian grew up in the Bronx. Everything over there is EXACTLY how it is in the movies.

1.I hate to do things that I don't want to.
2. I always tuck in my t-shirt into my underwear
3. Depending on the day I sometimes take up to 3 showers.
4. I once drove a cop car into a house. literally!
5. If it has 4 wheels I can drive it!
6. I once had a crush on Sandra Bullock (until I met her)
7. I sometimes know what people are thinking
8. I was held up at gun point several times (but once for my Bicycle) what an asshole!
9. Besides dinner, I don't spend money on myself anymore.
10. I have a plan to one day rob a bank. (foolproof)
11. I can hot wire anything with an ignition. (gone in 60 seconds, that's just to long!!)
12. I may have multiple personalities. (not sure)
13. I once donated $10,000 to a family.
14. I can regulate my body temperature .
15. I have great aim.
16. When I was young I was able to see things before they actually happened.
17. I am very superstitious.
18. I don't trust cats.
19. I have a thing for socks and underwear.
20. I let things get to me to easy.
21. My old friends call me BB. (don't ask what it stands for)
22. Only I know what the tattoo on my arm stands for!
23. When I get angry I feel all the tension in my fingertips.
24. Although it happens all the time, I can't stand to fist fight. (always feel guilty in the morning )
25. I once worked for the State of New York making clocks, don't know were the proceeds went!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I love Tuesdays!

Okay, I think Tuesday is my new favorite day of the week! In keeping with my White Trash theme, which is my life, I have found 2 new shows that take White Trash to a new level. Now that I'm thinking of it, just liking these shows makes me trashy.

The first show is The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Being that I'm from Atlanta, of course I'm going to watch it. This show isn't doing anything to improve people's impression of Atlanta but it makes for some excellent t.v. watching. The entire time I'm watching it, my friends Emilie, Ashlie and I email each other back and forth. We're wondering if we just watch the show together on speaker phone. Did anyone see this last episode? The mother spent 18k on her ELEVEN YEAR OLD Daughter's birthday party!!!! 18 freakin' THOUSAND DOLLARS!. Okay, I could go on and on but I won't. You just have to watch it for yourself.

The second show is Rock of Love:Charm School. This might be, without a doubt, the trashiest show on t.v. Last night was the first episode and ohhhh man does it look entertaining. This show has all our favorite skanks from the 2 seasons of Rock of Love.

I've decided to start hosting "White Trash Tuesday" at my house. I'm going to invite my friends to come over and watch these trashy shows with me and I'll make white trash inspired foods. Right now the only white trash food I can come up with is "Pigs in a Blanket" I luuuuuv pigs in a blanket.. so good. So if anyone has any white trash inspired food, send them my way, please NO SPAM!. (Diet friendly white trash food would be good.. I don't think anyone has put all those words in one sentence.)

P.S I'm going to chill on the white trash postings. This isn't "Trashy Livin'" ... folks will get confused.

Monday, October 13, 2008

White Trash Alert!

ALERT! ALERT! Many of you may have guessed this before, I sorta had a sneaking suspicion myself these past few years, but it is official! Rich and I are white trash. Now, how did I come to this conclusion you ask? Was it my kick ass "Georgia Wall of Fame" I've got going on in my living room? Is it my love affair with canned Coors Light? Nope, this shocking revelation hit me yesterday. Allow me to explain....

Rich has bizarr-o hair. (Yes - you do babe and NO, the problem ISN'T that I'm jealous. Let it go.) He only cuts his hair like twice a year..As many of you can see from previous postings, he's getting into his shaggy stage. This wasn't as bad as his"tribute to Gregg Allman" hair, that's a whole 'nother posting.

Soooo yesterday we were sitting around doing nothing and Rich said to come on, we're cutting his hair. Many of you may not know this, but before yesterday, I thought maybe I missed my calling of being a hairdresser. I love going to the salon, love the make overs. However, that dream is dead. I'm going to stick to my current career being a glorified carnie, thank you very much.

Rich and I go outside on the front yard (first mistake... should have gone to the back yard), I plug in the razor thingy and start hacking away. Apparently there is some sort of "art" or "science" to cutting hair, I'm not sure. And apparently, none of these yankees have ever seen anyone get their hair cut in the front yard. It's just not something they do up here, I reckon. Soooo, I was hacking away at Rich's hair and then for a while I had a SUUUUU-WEEET mullet going on. Ohhh, it was awesome, but he refused to let me take his picture.

1.5 hours later, the hair cut was complete. Rich was covered in hair so I made him take off his shirt and I beat the hair off of him with the shirt. We almost caused 5 car accidents. Not because of this studly guy with no shirt on but because THERE WAS A GUY WITH NO SHIRT ON and it's 55 degrees. Then I was like "oh my god" .... we're totally white trash. Who cuts their boyfriend's hair in the front yard?? while drinking 7.99 a bottle PINOT GRIGIO champagne mimosas!?? When our asses should be a church?? I tell you! White trash heathens! We're going to hell in a hand basket (or a gold el camino!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Favorites

Okay, I won't lie.. I saw this on another blog and I'm totally stealing the idea.. I love it! But I'm doing my version of Friday favorites. I've asked my closest friends and family to give me a list of 25 things that no one knows about them. This week I'm showcasing....drum roll please.... JENNY!!! (Okay, can someone teach me that underline thing so that when I write on someone's name it would take them to the description of them in my blog.) Jenny is one of my best friends.. we sit by each other at work, we hang out together all the time, we text each other when we are NOT hanging out. So, without any further ado... I give you JENNY!!!

1. I can't stand the sound of rubber rubbing together (like a tennis shoe against a rubber mat…ewww).
2. I am an X-Phile and have a huge crush on Mulder (I wish he was a real person…I would find him).
3. If I had one thing to eat for the rest of my life it would be french fries.
4. I hate to wear clothes when I'm at home (only when live alone…don't worry guys!).
5. I never change my eye makeup or hair color.
6. My family's nickname for me is Fo-Fo.
7. I cannot stand to be hot. It's the only thing that makes me really cranky.
8. I talk to myself.
9. I feel guilty if I spend more than $25 on a shirt, but will drop $80 on dinner & drinks and be just fine with that.
10. I have a thing for self-help books. They're so insightful!
11. I've been told that the tell-tale sign that I'm drunk is that I flip my hair a lot more.
12. It really bothers me if I don't match…bags, umbrellas, everything. Like it really bugs me that the rims of my sunglasses are gold when my jewelry is silver.
13. In my next life I hope I am a boy. They have it so easy!
14. I can't leave a room with the bed unmade. Not even in a hotel.
15. I can't wear socks to bed. Even if it's freezing cold. I feel like I am suffocating!
16. I am a good driver…even drunk. Especially for a chick! ;)
17. I have a cook book obsession. I can't get enough. In most cases, once I get one I decide that I don't want to cook anything in it and need a new one.
18. I will only use yellow highlighters. I find other colors very distracting.
19. I can recite every single word of Gone with the Wind.
20. I'm a sucker for men who kiss my hand.
21. I am really good at Archery (kind of bizarre).
22. I prefer fake plants to real ones. They are low maintenance and never change color!
23. I don't like my name.
24. When I'm really, really, REALLY upset about something, I get a craving for a cigarette (that might surprise you!)
25. I always make a wish at 11:11. And I always wish for the same thing.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Parent's Weekend

My parents came to NJ to visit all of us this past weekend. We had a great time. Above are some pictures. We went to the city to the Museum of Natural History, took Daddy fishing in Brooklyn (crazy right?), had a Spa Day with our Step Mom. It was so much fun. Of course we were extremely sad to see them leave! Come visit us again soon!!!


Okay, I have a confession to make. I can't live with the lie anymore... I'm sick of hiding the shame... cowering because I'm afraid someone will find out my awful secret.

I am completely addicted to paranormal mysteries. WHEW.. it's like a weight has been lifted! The cheesier the book, the more likely I am to have read it. We have a community bookshelf at work where we all deposit our books we've read. I always leave mine when no one is looking... later in the day I hear comments such as "who can read this shit?" That usually means someone is looking at one of my books.

Sooo, no more hiding my whimsical silly book behind a much more serious book (Example: The Vampire of Venice Beach concealed by Freakonomics...Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye covered by East of Eden.) I'm going to embrace it! So what if enjoy my reading on the much more shallow end of the pool? Uhhh hello, it's escapism right? So what if I enjoy a series made for middle school-ers? (Uhhh, Harry Potter rocks!) So what world, this is me!! Like it or not!

P.S. If there are any out there like me, you're not alone!!! Send me a note.. I'll send you some of my favorite titles!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dixie Chick Trivia

Tomorrow night is Trivia Night. Sooo, in order to get into the "spirit" of things, I've posted some Dixie Chick and Back Up characters Trivia.

Side note: Our parents are coming tomorrow! YEAH! They fly in the morning and we're taking them to Trivia tomorrow night. We're SOOOO gonna win with Daddy playing with us! We have a fun weekend with them... I'll post more about it later. Okay, now for Trivia.....

Q: Who loved Olivia Newton-John as a little girl and secretly wished she was her mother? This person also cried when she found out that Olivia had her own little girl. (She was jealous!)
A: Jenny! (That story always cracks me up!)

Q: Who always coordinates her eye shadow with her outfits? i.e. Pink shirts, pink eyeshadow. Green shirts, green eye shadow.
A: Leah!

Q: Who has a "AS SCENE ON TV" addiction? She goes to Linens N' Things and cruises the aisles for these "inventions."
A: Beth!

Q: Who accidentally got locked out of his room in his tighty whities on a business trip in Boston, forever AND EVER earning him the nickname "Captain Underpants"?
A: Nitschke! (That was an easy one!)

Q: Who has lived all over the world in every continent except for Africa and Australia?
A: Jenny!

Q: Who has never lived more than 2 miles from the house he grew up in?
A: Rich!

Q: Who has an alter ego named "Bob" that comes out after a few cocktails?
A: Beth!

Q: Who had a boyfriend break up with her because hanging out with her was putting him in direct violation of his parole?
A: Unfortunately, that would me. Yes - he was a loser and NO, I didn't realize he was on parole.

Q: Who had their bike stolen as a child and instead of calling the cops, went out and found the "perps" himself and shot them with a bee bee gun like TWENTY TIMES!!!!
A: Brian Murphy (He grew up in the Bronx. That's how they do it there.)

Q: Who made me listen to the ENTIRE Meatloaf album "Bat outta Hell" because it is a "concept" album. (For those that didn't know this.. cause I didn't either.. I'm a child of the 80's... a Concept album tells a story from start to finish.) I just wanted to hear "Two out of three ain't bad" and I was informed that you cannot just willy nilly go in and play only ONE SONG! 3 Hours later... I heard the song.
A: Rich