Sunday, September 28, 2008

Football, Brunch and Bree!

Saturday night we went to the Plank Road to watch the GA game. The Plank Road might be the most awesome bar I've been too. The bartenders all know your name, everyone knows everyone and even if you walk in by yourself, you're never really "by yourself." We've decided that the Plank Road is going to be the Official Game Day Headquarters for the Dixie Chicks. This honestly won't make much difference to them, we go there alot. The bar is also walking distance from Nitshcke's apartment and Beth, Leah, Jenny and Brian's Hacienda. Granted.. it's a far walk. Especially if you are wearing high heels and it's raining. Nitshcke is LITERALLY just around the corner, yet will drive his car there. Silly Nitshcke. Our Dawgs lost on Saturday night, obviously they couldn't hear the pointers that Leah and I were screaming at them. They will bounce back. Go DAWGS!!
I met my sorority sister, Bree, and Bree's Mama at brunch this a.m. We went to HK (Hell's Kitchen) for brunch and it was AWESOME! It's on 39th and 9th.. and they had all you can drink Mimosa's, Champagne and Bellini's for only 12.95!!! We had a great meal and just laughed alot. It was great seeing her again.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gina's visit to Jersey

Jenny's "Blue Steele" look......
Gina came to town yesterday for the night. She and her husband and adorable little girl had a funeral to attend in the Bronx. They stayed in Fort Lee for the night and came by to visit us. Then her Hubby took Lola back to the hotel and then the girls went out! We just walked up the block to Napoli's.. which is the local hot spot on the weekend. It truly is a SNL skit in there... old Italian men with thick gold chains... it reminds me of a Ramada Inn bar in the 70's! I really shouldn't judge because I do spend alot of time there. The bartenders know us.. the locals recognize us... I guess that makes us regulars too. Anyway - we had alot of fun. It was great to hang out with Gina again, although this a.m. my head is hurting a bit. Nothing that the "healing power of orange" cannot fix. (Note: this is my helpful hint to everyone... Orange Sunkist Soda will make your hangover go away! It has healing powers!)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Painting Party

Wednesday after work I had a painting party. Leah, Jenny, Brian Murphy and Bryan Nitschke came over after work to help me paint a room at our house. The painting took about 30 minutes and was mostly done by Murphy and Nitshcke. We then enjoyed our boxed wine. (I found boxed Pinot Grigio at the grocery store and it's good... I'm not just saying that! Most boxed wine I have found taste a bit like antifreeze.. this is the good stuff!) I attempted to make low-fat baked ziti but it came out a little "weird" and everyone that ate it had some stomach issues. We ordered pizza from Armando's as back up.
Thanks for the help guys! I really appreciate it! We have a fun filled weekend coming up. My friend from high school, Gina, is stopping by tonight. She and her husband are in town for the night due to a death in the family. Tomorrow night we have reservations at Morimoto's in the city and on Sunday I'm meeting a Sorority sister for brunch. Woo hoo!! More fun than a person should have!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Leah's Birthday Dinner

Saturday night Leah and I went out to dinner for her birthday. We went to Tribeca Grill, which is down in Tribeca (duh... hard to figure that out right?) This is the restaurant that Robert DeNiro owns and unfortunately we did not see him. We did have a minor celeb sighting.. we saw Robert Wuhl. I didn't know his name either.. I had to google him. I was hitting Leah and telling her.. ohh ohhh, there's that guy that plays on some Sports Show on HBO. (I was talking about Arliss.. I couldn't remember that name either.) The dinner was very nice. Leah had fish and I had pasta. We shared desert and a bottle of wine. I give it 2 thumbs up. Actually, I'm a pretty bad critic because there isn't a meal that I've had that I didn't like. I'm not what you'd call picky.

Today we are rolling over a new leaf. Today the diet starts! If I had any balls at all, I would take a picture of myself in a bathing suit and post it. However, it will be a cold day in hell before that ever happens. Maybe I'll ask (or perhaps pay.. yes, it's getting that bad.. it's out of hand) one of my sisters or Jenny to take my picture in the bathing suit.. ain't no way I'm getting my boyfriend to do it.. and I'll print it out and stick in my wallet, on my fridge, at my desk,etc. And then when I want to eat, I'll just look at it! That actually may work. I'm also going to get a trainer at my gym... I'm hesitant to do this b/c my gym is a total meat market and not in a fun way. All the trainers look like Joey Buttafuoco. I don't know how inspired I'm going to be by some guido with gold chains. Well, it can't be any worse than what I'm doing now.. which is NOTHING.

My friend Emilie sent me this website to get rolling. She said you do have to get over the lady mullet going on but it is very helpful. Emilie lost 30 lbs on Weight Watchers and she's my new inspiration!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Home Project

Is not going so well, not very well at all. The inside of my house is starting to look like a Cracker Barrel. I guess I should just embrace it. Most folks that know that I love the color Red! I don't like wearing the color Red b/c on me (a red head) I look like a clown, however, I love red in my house. Our house is very open and "cozy" (key word for small... not that I'm complaining! I love it!) Due to the coziness, I use the same color scheme throughout the house. The main colors are chocolate brown and red..with a few pops of green. So I got this GREAT idea instead of spending money to buy a new desk and bookshelves, I would just paint them red. I thought I would get everything done in one night…ohhhhh, how wrong I am. I’ve only got halfway through 2 pieces and they look like shit. I mean it, shit. I think my 3 year old nephew could make it look better. So this morning I’m staring at this crap, a little overwhelmed. I’m still sitting in my pj’s (covered in paint) and I’m too far along to quit.. but it just looks so bad. I’ve made the call for reinforcements. Leah can help me after work this week and I’m going to ask Jenny for help, Beth is going to Chicago. I’ve only gotten one book case done, I think I may just buy new ones. I’ll post pictures later… I’m a little to “attached” to the project right now.

I can’t decide if I should keep trudging along or just quit and wait for help. I don’t think I could give these pieces away now.

Happy Birthday Cuz!!

Sarah, Allie, Lauren and ShawnSarah, Colin and Leah at the Marietta Square

Shawn's Family - His wife Mary, Will Ryley and J-Bob
Shawn and Lauren at Daddy's Retirement Party.
Yesterday was Cousin Shawn's, Lauren's and Sarah's birthday. Although Sarah and Lauren don't look or act like it, they are twins. The twins turned 21 and Shawn turned the BIG 3-0!!! (Looks like you're old and FAT! ohhh, I mean phat.) I haven't asked how Lauren and Sarah spent their birthday, I'm not sure I want to know and I'm not sure if I could post on here anyway. Shawn spent his birthday taking care of his children. He said the guys at work got him a pink birthday cake.. however, it didn't bother him b/c he's used to sharing his birthday with 2 little girls anyway. That's the thing with Shawn, just when you think you can embarrass him, you really can't.
Happy Birthday punks!!! Love ya and miss ya and wish I could have been there to celebrate!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Cousin Shawn sent me some new pictures of his youngest son, Jackson Robert (or J-Bob.. as we like to call him.) He's sooooo freakin' cute, I can hardly stand it.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Book/Wine Club

Last week, after a summer break, we resumed Book/Wine Club. Now - I'll explain how Book/Wine club works for all you folks out there that may want to copy our recipe for success. Every month a book is picked. We decided to do it alphabetically by the first name. This month's is Beth's turn (only b/c Beth was supposed to pick first but didn't have a book, so she swampped with me.) Then the person who picked the book is responsible for bringing questions to discuss (which can be found on the internet or mostly in the back of the book) and bringing the snacks. Everyone is responsible for bringing one bottle of wine and discussing the background, history and or region from the wine. This sounds way more sophisticated than it really is, mostly it's just reading from the back of the bottle. We then all taste the wine, discuss the book and then, when everyone's got a real good buzz, gossip about folks at work.
The first few meetings were a little rough, Book/Wine Club was turning into a party that even Guns N' Roses could crash. Some of us (umm, mostly me) were missing work the next day or running extremely late. Brian Murphy and Bryan Nitschke both claim to NOT be members of Book/Wine Club because it's "gay", yet neither have missed a meeting (or a bottle of wine.)
We have alot of fun and I'm glad we do this. Next meeting: October 9th. Book Pick: Everything Changes by Jonathon Tropper.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Leah!!!!!

Today is Leah's birthday!!! YAHHH!!! I won't give a number.. I've always maintained that you should begin VERY VERY early on lying about your age. Trust NO ONE with your true age! These math "geniuses" (a.k.a Friends) will remember and before you know it, you're telling everyone you're 28 and they remember you turned 28 four years ago.
Leah is working at the Javits today. She is upstairs at one show and I'm down stairs at another show. No one likes to work the weekend and ESPECIALLY if it's your birthday. However, on a positive note, more people wish you happy birthday. Leah's department surprised her with her favorite cake - Red Velvet Cake. (Which is practically unheard of here in the North.)
Happy Birthday Leah!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Everyone knows that today is the anniversary of 9/11. I had to go to Manhattan today for a client meeting at the Jacob Javits. The above pictured flag I took with my phone while driving across the George Washington Bridge. Many people can put it into much better words than I can about the sadness, the loss, the patriotism, the pride, etc that this day means. I'll let them do it. I will say that I have never met so many folks that are SO patriotic as up here. I guess being from the South, we always identify ourselves as Southerners, first and foremost. It's just apart of who we are. We have great pride in our region, in our upbringing, hell, even our accents. Up here, you ask someone what they are, they'll tell you American. We used to work with an Ex-NYPD Cop named Jimmy Flynn. Jimmy and I were riding to Boston and the Star Spangled Banner came on the radio. Jimmy cranked that radio up.. I mean CRANKED IT and he was singing to it like he was front row to a Lynard Skynard concert...BEFORE half the band died in a plane crash. I was like wow! (I would compare it to Elvis Presley singing Dixie in the South.) I have another friend that comes every day to work with his American flag pinned to the collar of his shirt. (I won't make any comments about how he can manage to remember a pin, but not his pants! I'm trying to be serious)
The second picture I took with my phone down in the village. My client and I had our meeting and we hopped in the cab to the Village. We ate lunch a great Asian Noodle House called "Lacey & Ping." We decided to take a walk and just take in the atmosphere of the city on a day like today. We ran across the above fence and some various other dedications. We walked up to Chelsea and went to the Chelsea Market, which has great food vendors, restaurants and home to the Food Network. (FYI -We tried to figure out a way to sneak into Food Network but we're not that smart or stealthy.) We walked back to the Javits and then went our separate ways. I'm glad I had the opportunity to do something that today.
I think just about everybody out there today is taking a little time to be thankful. I think we should all say a prayer and ask God to bless all those folks out there working hard for our security, safety and freedom! We appreciate everything you do for us!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Bad Freakin' Day

So yesterday I had to go to Boston for a meeting this morning. My boss and I drove up last night and went to a great dinner at a small, off-the-beaten path place called "Anchovies." This place is home to the "Italian Nacho." What is the Italian Nacho, you ask? Well, friends, it's a little bite of heaven. I was skeptical at first, being a nacho connoisseur (note: size of my ass) I didn't think they could get ANY FREAKIN BETTER! Well, clearly I was wrong...these nachos are layered with meat sauce, ricotta cheese, spicy and sweet peppers and then mozz cheese baked on top. If you are ever in Boston, check this place out and have the nachos. You won't be sorry!

Anyway - we consumed the nachos and drank some wine.. well, quite a bit of wine. Many of you know that after I have consumed a few drinks, I rather enjoy my beauty rituals. Most of you have behold ed my self tanner mishaps, eye brow twee zing, do it yourself waxing kits.. need I say more? So last night, I go back to the room and put on one of those masks that you just lay on your face (it's a thin piece of cloth.) So I don't lose anyone, I'm going somewhere with this.. .. I have to lay the ground work for the WORST DAY EVER!

This morning I wake up (LATE!!!) with the mask still on!!! AAHHHH!!! It had hardened into a cement like plaster of Paris that was EXTREMELY painful to remove. I think I ripped all the hair out of my face.. then I tried laying a hot wash cloth on it to soften the mask but it just turned into this goo that was stuck to my face. I still have it on my face I think. I just gave up and hoped my make up would disguise the freakish pale spots I've got all over my tan face.

It was pretty down hill from there. I had forgotten my contact case and put my contacts in a glass by the sink. I think filled that same glass with water to consume (slightly dehydrated from the previous night) and drank my contacts. No worries, I had my glasses. Then I sprayed hair spray in my arm pits and deodorant in my hair. Let's see.... what else? I forgot body wash and used conditioner. I'm probably need a tetus shot from my dull razor I packed... I nicked my legs so much in the shower it looked like scene from Psycho.. I did one of those "business in front" looks. I dried and fixed the front of my hair and then the back was soaking wet. My bathroom at the hotel was really dark and in my haste to apply my make up (like the good southern girl I am, there is always time for make up!! Never trust a woman with no make up!! But that's whole nother posting...) Well, I looked good in the light of the bathroom, natural light however was another story. I was 1 hour into the meeting before I went to the bathroom and almost shrieked in horror ... let's just say I've seen drag queens with less make up.

Thank goodness it's 8 p.m. I'm back home and I'm going to crawl into bed with a book and a glass (and only a GLASS!! SO HELP ME GOD!) of wine. Tomorrow is another day........

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good Luck, Buddy!

This is a perfect example of why I shouldn't be a Mom.... Colin either started school or will start school at some point this week. His first day was either yesterday, today or tomorrow. I also meant to send him a good luck card.. however, since he's an 11 year old boy, he doesn't squeal with delight when he gets mail so it's not like he's crushed. I'm sure he's going to rule the school. Colin used to go to school in our town and just transferred last year. He had a cult following at Fort Lee Elementary. Rich and I would go to PTA functions at the school and the kids would let us in free b/c we were "with" Colin. When he comes over to our house on the weekends, our phone rings off the hook with all his friends calling. It's hilarious. Anyway - good luck dude. Try not to torment your teachers' too much!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day BBQ

We had a BBQ at Beth, Brian's and Jenny's yesterday. Jenny is now a resident at the Secaucus 1970's Dream Home. (It is a dream home!!! I love that place.. however, Leah came up with the name and now it sticks.) Jenny's lease was up in her apartment and she couldn't find anything in time. She moved into Dylan's (Brian's son) room (which was pretty much her room anyway..she stays there a lot. I think she's cooked more meals there Beth, Leah and Brian. Man, I hope this post doesn't piss anyone off! But it's true! Everytime you guys invite me to dinner, Jenny always cooked it!)
Anyway - we had a good time. We made our LOW CAL MARGARITA's, which are unbelievable. (I'll do a separate post with the recipe.. soooo good! I got it from
Anyway - it was back to the grind today. I think I'm still in vacation mode. I left my work cell phone at home, forgot to pack my lunch and got into a SLIGHT fender bender on the way to work. Actually, I'm not sure what to call an accident that doesn't involve any other vehicle but your own. I should invent a word b/c I've been having alot of these lately. To my defense, I was listening to Bruce Springsteen's Greatest Hits LIVE from 1975-1985. However, next time I won't close my eyes while singing the chorus. While I was giving it my all (Arms outstretched, eyes closed, singing at the top of my lungs) I brushed the cement guardrail on the driver's side. Oops. Lucky for me, I didn't lose my other side view mirror (I lost the passenger side a few months ago in an unfortunate incident with a parked tractor trailer.) I called Beth b/c I figured she was going to have to meet me in the parking lot at work to help me pry open my drivers' side door but guess what? Hardly any damage. Saturns are freakin' indestructible! I love the ding proof! So be warned..... if you are in the Northern NJ or NY area and see a Silver Saturn with GA Plates with a red head driving, stay wide of me! I might be jamming to a song on the radio...trying out for American Idol in my head!