Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh No!!!!!

So I took Wed, Thurs, and Friday off this week to get a really looong weekend before it's crazy again in the fall. Colin and I headed down to my Mom's house Tuesday night. We brought our bikes b/c Mom has some great trails by her house. First we tried to go on a bike ride but had to turn around b/c Colin was WAY to small for his bike from last year. He's grown so much he can ride my bike with no problems... we headed back out again.. Colin on my bike and me on Mom's bike. I forgot to bring my back pack for our water but Mom had a fanny pack. I made Colin carry the fanny back and OH NO!!! He loves the fanny back. He kept going on and on about how convenient it is... hmmm, do I shatter an 11 yr old dreams and tell him how GAY a fanny pack is or do I let him get tortured? Not sure...
We left Mom's house and headed to the camper Friday morning. We had a great day at the beach yesterday but right now it's raining and we're just chilling out in our PJ's watching t.v. (Yes.. it's almost noon!) We may head down to Atlantic City or we may go to the movies. Not sure. I've been trying to call around to local bars to see if anyone is playing the UGA vs. GA Southern game but I've had no luck.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Day at the Beach

Our beach set up area. I posted this so everyone could see how crowded it gets on the Jersey Beaches... I've never seen it this crowded until I moved up here!
Dylan getting buried in the sand.

Brian Murphy and Bryan Nischke hanging out.


This is Nitschke's "I love kids" photo. All weekend Dylan kept calling Nitschke "PeePaw"... he'll never live it down!

The Murph!
We had a great day at the beach! I have no pictures of Colin or Rich. Colin spent his ENTIRE day in the water. We had to force him to come out to take a break and drink some water. He's still exhausted. I can't wait for "Friend Reunion 2009"!!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Camp Fire Pics!

The fire getting a weeee bit out of hand.
Dylan's first roasted marsh mellow... I know, I know.. I can't believe he hadn't had one before either. However, he's a Bronx city boy.

Okay - I wish Nitschke wasn't flicking off the camera but you can't help but laugh at this picture. The boys slept in the bunk room.. this is right before they went to bed.

Nitschke, Colin and Dylan

The boys getting the fire started!

Dylan roasting marsh mellows.

Everyone that stayed at the camper! Full house!

Beach Weekend Highlights

Okay - we are back from the beach! We had a great time down at LBI. We've decided to make this an annual weekend from now on.. instead of a "Family Reunion" we are going to do a "Friend Reunion" and it will also be the weekend after Gift Fair. Beth, Brian and Dylan camped out in a tent at a site near our camper. Leah, Jenny, Colin, Nitschke, Rich and myself all stayed in the camper. Here are some of the highlights....

-Jenny accidentally flushing her sports bra down the camper chemical toilet. Leah and I helping her fish it out.. ewww.

-Nitschke getting lost CONSTANTLY in the campground. Jenny and I got up early on Saturday a.m. to ride our bikes before going to the beach. While getting ready, we accidentally woke Captain Underpants. He had a healthy breakfast of one dixie cup of Pinot Grigio and then decided to go on a walk. 45 minutes later we found him walking around.... bare foot... and drunk. Hopefully he didn't scare any campers eating breakfast.

-Dylan roasting marsh mellows and making smores for the first time.

-Taking Dylan to the Tiki Bar for lunch on the beach Saturday. (Ummm, that's why we make cooler "Aunts" than parents.) What's even better.. the Tiki Bar was prepared for the kids. They had some dude set up giving air brushed tattoos. Nice right? The kid hung out in a bar AND got a tattoo!!

-Colin and Rich renting wave runners.. they had a blast!

-Funding a small African village with our bar tab at the Tiki Bar. We are doing our best to revive the economy! One drink at a time.....

Bike Ride

Jenny and I hit the road right after our client left show site on Thursday...we were on our way to the beach by 11:30 a.m. We stopped in Redbank, NJ (a cute town about halfway to the beach) and ate lunch outside at a place called "Dublin House." We had a thing called Irish nachos... they were awesome! First of all, I haven't met a nacho that I haven't liked. These were thick cut potato chips with sour cream and cheese.. what's not to love? When we got down to the beach, we went on a 6 mile bike ride. I've posted a few pics above.......

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Countdown to Beach Weekend!! Wooo!

The car is packed and we are ready to go! Jenny and I are leaving straight from here in like 1 hour!!! (Pier 94 ... a.k.a The Gates of Hell) Gift Fair closed last night and it was a huge success. We took the clients out to celebrate last night in a Dive Bar and we think we might have killed them. They showed up this a.m. needing Bloody Mary's and some food. We're taking them out to do just that and then we are heading down to the Jersey Shore! Leah will be joining us much later tonight. Rich and Colin are on their way down around lunch time tomorrow and Nitschke is heading down late tomorrow night. Woo hoo! Look out LBI!

Monday, August 18, 2008


So last night we went to a really great restaurant in Manhattan called Taboon. I was thinking since we all eat out all the freakin' time, I should really start documenting all the cool places we go. I did start a journal a while ago of all the cool bars that I went too... but, of course, lost it in one of those cool bars (after a few too many cocktails.) With all the traveling I've done, I could have written an awesome book... something about working, partying while working (do's and don't's.. believe me, I've done all the "dont's") and dealing with hangovers while still having to go to work. Yes, I know.... but hey, it's not like I'm out drinking the baby's milk money away. What else are you supposed to do when you travel and have to take the client out? Drink water? HA!

We (Beth, Jenny, Leah, the Murph, and Nitschke) are all on the NY International Gift Fair Show, we are now in week 2 of this show. Last night, Jenny and I took the client out and invited along our team for dinner (who just happen our closest friends.. haha.. works out well) We went to Taboon on 10th and 52nd and it was awesome. I must give the disclaimer that I rarely have a bad meal.. those that have seen the size of my ass can be my witness. This restaurant was a Moroccan/Mediterranean place (yet no belly dancers and we sat on chairs, not pillows.. thank goodness). Our client picked out some excellent wine and the chef picked our appetizers for us. By the time my Lamb Osso Bucco came out, I was stuffed from the freshly made hummus, yogurt tzaski (spelling), beet salad, zucchini cakes, and bread. Delicious! Leah, Beth, and Murphy went on with the client to go play Beer Pong (it's a show tradition) but I went home.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Gracie!!

I love this picture of Elisha, Gage and Gracie. Gracie looks so big!!!

Today is my niece's birthday! Gracie is 7 yrs old and I can hardly believe it. Beth, Leah and I got her a purple ipod for her birthday and some money for itunes.This June she came with us to St. George. This was the first year she's come to the beach with us without her parents. We had so much fun spending time with her. She's such a well mannered sweet little girl. I can't wait until she gets old enough to fly by herself so she can come see us. She's having a rockin' b'day party today so I'm sure she's having a blast.
Happy Birthday Gracie! Aunt Beth, LeeLee and Mimi all miss you and wish we could be there!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tropic Thunder

Okay - I was just informed that my "Rainbow" post was the gayest posting ever. Sorry to my dedicated fans everywhere.

Last night after work, we all went to Houlihan's. We look like a group of camp kids with our matching GES work shirts. After dinner we went to go see Tropic Thunder which is hilarious!


Tuesday night Rich and I went on a "picnic" for dinner. (Well, we sat on a park bench and ate dinner.. that sorta counts a picnic) We went to Historical Park, which is only a 5 minute walk from our house. We ate dinner over looking the Hudson River and the GW bridge and there was a rainbow. You can sort of see the rainbow in the photos.. if you look hard.
Rich was just happy because this was the first dinner I have "cooked" in a long time. (Tomato and mozzarella sandwich's with watermelon for desert.)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Absent but not forgotten...

So the point of my blog originally was to tell the story of my 2 sisters and our friend Jenny's "adventures" (or life) up here in Jersey. As you can tell.. they have been absent from the past few postings. This past weekend Beth was in Connecticut with Brian visiting his parents, Leah went home to Georgia, and Jenny was in Penn visiting old friends.

I would say Jenny is the best out of all of us for trying new and different things. She is the one that encourages us (i.e. makes the plans) For example, last weekend Beth and Jenny spent Sunday in Central Park. Jenny is also researching a hiking club for us to join. I'm totally up for that as long as there is no camping involved. I will hike for the day.. and I will hike to hotel but I won't spend the night in the woods. No thanks.

So - you will see the girls in future posts! It's just been busy and we haven't seen each other much.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pirate Ship of Death!!!

So last night, trying to be the good sorta "step mom" (that I am soo not) , I tried to spend some quality time with Colin. Colin is right at the age where he's ready to ditch us. He's 11 but he's a very mature 11. (Frighteningly mature.) Rich andColin spend alot of quality time together but I'm usually traveling, working or just plain don't want to do the icky boy stuff they are doing. So last night I asked Colin if he wanted to ride anything at the Carnival. The one ride we both were interested in was the Pirate Ship. Now, I'm sure everyone has seen all of these.. you get on the boat and it rocks you back and forth. Colin was just telling me how lame this ride was but he would accompany me on it anyway. (Thanks kid) Sooo - we get on there with a bunch of teenagers .. who happen to be friends with the carnie that is operating this boat. We sit down (very back.. last seat of course!) and it's fine, we're rocking, it's good.. then we keep going higher.. and higher.. and there's no seat belts in this death trap! There's some lame bar that isn't even down very far. Colin and I are getting flung up and down.. I'm getting scared that he's going to get thrown out of the seat... I'm trying to brace myself and grab a hold of his wrist so when he gets slung to his death, I'll be able to save him. We have a crowd of Carnie's gathering around our ride and pointing. The teenagers are screaming... I figured this was it. I would be on the 10 o'clock news.. I'm that chick that's going bananas on the ride (you may have seen them once or twice on America's Funniest Home Videos) I'm hollering "stop the ride, stop the ride" and various other obscene ties that can't be printed. Anyway - they stopped the ride and we got off the death trap. Colin, of course, wanted to go again. I was done. I told him I would give him the cash that I would have spent on the rides and we'll call it even steven. That worked for him.

San Rocco's Feast

This weekend is San Rocco's Feast in Fort Lee. San Rocco was the Italian Catholic saint for our town... or something like that. Since I'm neither Italian or Catholic, I haven't paid that much attention to the history HOWEVER to honor this Saint, they throw a huge carnival in town! Woo hoo! Those Catholics throw carnivals for everything.. there is also another one at Rich's church once a year.. 2 carnivals in the town limits! My step dad Joe (who is also Catholic) says the Nuns make the best funnel cake. Since I'm teetering on the border of offending someone... I'll quickly move on.....

Colin came over last night. Rich was working at the fire station. Our home is located right in Fort Lee. It's great, we don't have to drive anywhere. At night, after we get home from work, we park our cars and that is it! Everything is walking distance... Rich's fire house, 2 great bars, a bookstore, Starbucks, my nail salon, dry cleaners, my hair salon and spa, a drugstore and even 7-11 (it's no Wawa though.) We are also only 6 miles from midtown Manhattan. So Colin and I walked to San Rocco's and ate carnival food for dinner. They have these things called "zeppele's" .. which are little fried balls of love. I've never had them before. It's deep fried sweet dough dusted with powder sugar. Soo good.

The picture above is Rich doing what he loves most... hanging out in front of his fire house.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Out Sick

So I spent today at home because I've been sick. I went to the doctor, almost positive he was going to admit me to the hospital, I was explaining to him how I could feel the icy hand of death upon my cheek. However, as do most folks, the doctor ignored my dramatics and gave me some drugs. I just have strep throat and some other viral crap. The only way I'm going to get better is if I take easy, no stress, no working out (shoot!), drink fluids, etc. Soooo I spent the afternoon on the couch, half watching trashy t.v., half working and I discovered FACE BOOK! I've spent all afternoon reconnecting with old friends from high school. My friend Valerie has a blog (I'm trying to figure out how to link it to my blog... I need tech support) Through her links I discovered other friends that have blogs. It's great seeing pictures of everyone from high school and seeing what is going on with their lives! I know these folks are probably like what the heck? Doesn't this woman have a job? Just be forewarned, I'm probably out of work tomorrow.........

Beach Weekend

Steve and Lucia met us at the beach this weekend. (Rich's brother and sister-in-law) Steve was on his 4 day break from the Fairfax County Fire Department and it was Lucia's birthday. Rich and I drove up right after the BRUCE concert (again.. best concert EVA!!) We spent 3 days on the beach and it was fantastic. For those of you that don't know - Rich and I have a trailer down at the Jersey shore. Well.. there is some debate to it.. Rich says it's a camper in a campground. However, we've built a deck off the side of it, it's on concrete blocks hidden artfully behind lattice work.. obviously, it's a trailer in a trailer park. I told him we just need to embrace it! Hell, I'd live in a trailer year round if we could. I know.. that officially makes me trashy. We have cable (we're not exactly outdoorsy people) air conditioning and a yard full of gravel (that means no yard work.) What's not to love? Some may call it trailer trash.. I call it fine livin'. Anyway - we're only trailer trash on the weekends. We do have some interesting trailer park neighbors. Rich and I are planning a stealthy mission to DESTROY our neighbors karoke machine. Last weeks set list included: Friends in Low Places, Foot Loose, Don't Stop Believing, Jesse's Girl and the entire Frank Sintra collection. It wouldn't be so bad if they would start singing after the evening cocktail hour has begun. Few glasses of wine and I'm normally singing along with them under my breath and "woo hoo"ing them through the trees. However, they start up around 3 p.m. Everyone knows that way too early for karoke, duh!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Best Concert EVA!!!

Before the concert!
The crowd during Born to Run. The stadium was sold out!

Last seat in the house!

Before I moved to NJ, I was never a Bruce Springsteen fan. It wasn't until I started dating Rich that my love affair with Bruce began. It was simultaneously with Rich. Hmmm... who do I love more? Both are entertaining... at least Bruce leaves his pants on when he does a concert, Rich thinks because his under wear has the term "shorts" in them.. he can prance around in them. (Shorts and BOXER SHORTS are 2 different things) I've also gotten the other Dixie chicks onto Bruce.. they aren't quite the fans that Rich and I but they will get there eventually... if it kills me!
The concert on Thursday night was awesome. Our seats were the VERY LAST in the stadium, even the planes flying from newark were lower than we were. It didn't matter, it was great. He played all his great old songs: 10th Ave Freezeout, Blinded by the Light, Jungle Land, Rosalita, Jersey Girls, Brilliant Disguise, Spirit in the Night, Because the Night.. just to name a few.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Gage!

Today is Gage's 3rd birthday! Don't be fooled by that sweet looking face... behind those baby blue eyes and sweet dimples is an Evil Mastermind! That's right! He can get into all sorts of trouble and then when he looks at you with that sweet cherubic face and grins, well you just melt to pieces and don't want to get onto him for spraying an entire bottle of hair spray on your favorite dress. He's so cute it's almost diabolical! Gage's favorite activities include tormenting his older sister Gracie, ripping lawn ornaments out of Nana's lawn and crashing Papa's golf cart into the woods. If he can eat it, rip it, get it dirty, get himself dirty then he loves it!

Happy Birthday Gage! We love you and miss you!