Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Boss!

Rich and I have tickets to see Bruce Springsteen tonight and we are super excited! Woooo!! We've been listening to the play back broadcast on 101.9 after Sunday's and Monday's concert. Nitschke and Leah went to Monday's concert and Nitshcke's going again on Saturday to see him in Boston. (He's up there for a show.. one of the teamsters got him tickets - freakin' lucky duck!) After the concert, Rich and I are heading down to the beach and we're meeting Steve and Lucia. It's Lucia's birthday and we have all sorts of fun stuff planned. The main thing being that we will have 2 DD's.. both Rich and his brother don't drink. Which means I now have someone to drink with.. no more judgemental stares when I siphon rum into a water bottle to take on the beach. Since Lucia and Steve are married, if he gets pissed at Lucia, well that's too bad. They're stuck with each other. (At least, that's what I tell Lucia... last year he got mad at us b/c I took Lucia out to Napoli and we stayed out till 2 a.m. the night before her dress rehearsal. I kept telling her it was too late for him to back out so she might as well stay however hell long as she wanted.)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Children of the Corn

Last night Cole spent the night with Colin at our house. We took them to see Dark Knight after a dinner of BBQ and "yo mama" jokes told around the table. On the way to the theater, the boys had a discussion on the merits of their book (as seen reading above - Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection of the Living Dead) Topics included: They feel no fear, why should you? Blades don't need reloading and The Zombie may be gone, but the threat lives on. Jenny and Beth met us at the movie. The boys, of course, were too cool for school and didn't sit with us. On the way home, the boys were debating the movie. For example: who would win, Batman or Ironman? (Batman) Who is cooler, 2 faced or the Joker? (Joker) Will the Joker live until the next movie? They both agreed that since he was going into police custody at the end, he would go to jail and get the death penalty. Then they stayed up all night playing video games. We kept getting up and telling them to turn out the light but their persistence paid off. After we were snoring away, the little sneaky shits got up and resumed their activities. They get bonus points for being so stealthy. Oh well.. at least we all had fun.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Superman & Batman

Superman and Batman are here to save the day! The chicks are going to be all over these super heros!

Gage, Gracie and Baby Carley

This is the first picture I've posted of my Nieces and Nephew. My sister Elisha and my brother-in-law Troy took the kids down to the beach last week. Gracie will be 7 in a few weeks, Gage will turn 3 next week and Carley was born in April. I haven't seen Carley since June and I can't get over how much she's grown! Let me just say - I have to give my sister some serious credit. I'm absolutely amazed at how WHITE Gage's shirt is!!!! I spend one afternoon with him and 10 minutes later we are both filthy. Good job Elisha! I'm sure she has to Clorox the heck out of his clothes.

He's Baaaaaack!!

Colin is back from sleep away camp. He spent a month in central NJ. His best friend Cole was at the same camp. I tried to warn Colin to behave and try not to make the counselors scared to have any children in the future. I'm sure being a counselor at a sleep away camp with preteens is probably the best birth control EVER! Colin's friend Cole is spending the night tonight and we're taking them to see Dark Knight. Good thing I have a big purse and can smuggle some booze into the theater. I have a feeling I may need it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Thomas Jefferson

Last night the Georgia Satellites ruled again at Trivia! The final bonus question was "What President is the Arch in St. Louis named after?" Nitschke once again came to the rescue. He knew the arch had to do with the Lewis and Clark expedition and whatever president sent them on the trip would be correct. I actually knew it! (my only contribution all night ... not counting running up the bar bill) It was Thomas Jefferson! Yeah! We've decided that Nitschke missed his calling, he should have been a history teacher. Professor Underpants! Next week I'm going to miss Trivia but I will be across the street at BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!!! WOOOOOOO!!! The Boss is in town and we've got tickets for Thursday night.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Alright, the Dixie Chicks are on a mission. Nitschke (a.k.a Captain Underpants) will have a girlfriend by Christmas! We've left Nitschke to his own devices and that obviously was a mistake. We are declaring a state of emergency and taking over. This time next year, we'll be planning his wedding. So ladies, we've created a list of why Nitschke would make a great boyfriend and also some his favorite activities. If you are interested, please contact me immediately!
1. He's not afraid to show his emotions (or his naked body)
2. He loves football but yet will let you watch what you want to on the t.v.
3. He's no slave to fashion. And I mean that in a good way - he cares enough to look nice but yet not so much you'll be laying beside him on the waxing table at the spa.
4. Five words: "Too Good too be True!" (that's just not coming from us.. this was an outsider opinion)
5. If he loves you as much as he loves his Pinot Grigio, you will be one lucky woman!

Sea Shells

Saturday night we met our friend Malek and his wife Debbie out for dinner and drinks. They brought along their neighbor and we had a blast. We went to this awesome beach bar in LBI called Sea Shells. They have a live band, a pool, and a tiki bar. Luckily, none of us fell into the pool... although there was no deep end, I don't think of us were sober enough to swim to safety. Ahhh, good times!

Beach Weekend

We were down at our trailer this past weekend. It was only Rich and I. (The rest of the chicks went to the Secaucus pool to check it out.) Here Rich is enjoying his morning coffee on the beach. We are probably the only retards that bring coffee to the beach. We can't be bothered to grocery shop, it would take too much time away from being in the sun! Every a.m. we hop up, throw on our suits, and head to the beach. We make a pit stop at the WaWa and get out snacks, water and goodies for a fun day in the sun. The Wawa is this magical place where all your dreams can come true! You can get homemade subs, healthy snacks, drinks, papers, magazines, money... it's awesome! The only sad part is Wawa is only in South Jersey. If they had one by our house, I swear to god I wouldn't step foot in a grocery store again.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Cousin Allie

Sooo, Cousin Allie has had a run of bad luck in the past week. (Notice I added Cousin Shawn to the picture.. sorry you had to share the limelight Allie, however, I'm sure you are used to it. I figured that would save me a few harassing phone calls from Shawn wondering as to why he hasn't seen himself on the blog lately.) Anyway, Allie had her call stolen last week. What really sucks, and I don't mean any offense, but the car was a piece of crap. She had a 1992 (or '91) Honda Accord. It used to be Shawn's car many many moons ago. The radio was missing (stolen about a month ago) and it had no air conditioning. Having road in Allie's car for 7 miserable hours on the way back from Florida this June, I figured the perp would drop that car back where he/or she stole it. Just thinking about our road trip from hell makes me sweat. I had to purchase a bandanna at truck stop to keep the sweat from dripping in my eyes. Also - if we wanted to communicate, we had to pull over because it was too loud to hear each other with all the windows open.God in heaven I will never do that again. I naturally assumed that Jesus had answered her prayers when I heard the news. Having that hunk of junk (again... no offense! Love u!) stolen out of Austin's front yard was a miracle. Of course, the miracle would be been slightly BETTER if they had left her college books in the mailbox. However, the lord works in mysterious ways! Maybe Jesus is saying you ought to start school in Jersey and he figured your car wouldn't make the ride up. You should open your heart and listen! (For all those out there that thinks this a TAD sacriligious.. don't get mad at me, I'm just the messenger.)

Jackson and Will Ryley

Okay, cutest kids EVER, right? These are Cousin Shawn's kids. Holy moly, I can't stand it they are too adorable. When I'm around them and Shawn sends me pics, I forget that I hate children. Jackson told me that I was his favorite Aunt. Sorry Allie, Sarah, Lauren, Beth, Leah, Jenny, Christina and whoever else they call Auntie. The vote is in and has been counted. Aunt Mimi rocks! Of course, he can't talk so he was telling it to me with his adorable baby blue eyes (as I was slipping him sips of my sweet tea.) I'm like the baby whisperer.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Not Shawn's Blog

Okay, I sent the link to this blog to Cousin Shawn last night and he called me like a psycho ex girlfriend because I didn't mention him in the back up characters. So here Shawn is.. looking healthy (i.e. FAT! Just kidding Gma!) Shawn made a detour to see us when he was in Philly for work. Shawn doesn't get up here very much because he has 3 adorable kids. I'm sure this blog will turn into the Taylor, Jackson and Will Ryley blog. (Dude, I still can't believe you have 3 kids! What the heck? When did we get so old?) When we lived in Georgia we hung out with Shawn just about every single day and night. I miss Shawn more than I care to admit. Shawn is like a big brother (by big, I mean fat.) Hopefully he will get up here more often to see us. I keep threatening to pack Jackson in my suitcase and bring him up here with me.. he's so cute. He obviously favors his mother.

Trivia Night

The Georgia Satellites win again!! We play Trivia every Thursday night at Redds and so far we have dominated. This picture was taken 2 weeks ago at Trivia when Cousin Shawn and Cousin Allie were in town. I was absent last night but I did want to go, however today's economy has struck close at home. I had a serious recession in my banking account... normally this recession occurs every other Thursday (i.e. the night before pay day) I suppose I could take some money out of my savings account but I don't think drinking at a bar qualifies as a real emergency. Well, perhaps it is. I've had other real emergencies where I've had to pull from my savings account. For example, when I've been extremely stressed and the only way to find some inner peace
is an afternoon getting a hot stone massage and a facial. I'm sure I'll have other defcon 9 incidents that will require intensive spa time. All the Dixie chicks are spa whores... I think that Jenny and I are probably the biggest ones though. We are forever finding an excuse to get pampered.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Backup Characters.. and I do mean "characters"

Ladies, ladies.. please step back and take a number. I know these fellas are too cool for school but we've claimed them. They will appear regularly in our posts... Rich being my boyfriend, Brian being Beth's and Nitschke being some sort of Dixie Chick mascot. I'm not sure what category he falls under but it's defiantly a "britches optional" section. Unfortunately many of us have seen Captain underpants in his tighty whities all together too much. While Captain Underpants may sound like a joking super hero, Nitschke has many many talents. One of my favorites is how he can show up to work after partying like he does. Dude, I wish I had that super strength. I'd be "No Hangover Girl"


Date of Arrival: September 2001
I decided to do something different and found a job up here at AT&T Wireless. It was a great job and I started September 10th, 2001. Six months later I was laid off and did a various jobs and also drove back and forth to GA working at the Italian place. (Gas was much cheaper.) Beth and I went on our infamous cross country road trip at this time. I met Bill Burns at Rosie's (aww, I miss Rosie's) and the rest is history. I started at GES in Feb. 2003. Since then I have been actively recruiting from the south. I have my eye on Cousin Allie to come up next!


Date of Arrival: November 2006
We had been trying to talk Leah into moving up since she graduated from college. She finally realized that her dreams lie above the Mason Dixon, packed her truck, grabbed Cousin Allie for the ride and took off. She resided in what my boyfriend calls "The Marietta Suite" in our apartment for her first 6 months. She had to "share" her room with Colin. It's no fun to share a room with a 9 year old. (We need to get bunk beds before anyone else moves up.) Leah also works at GES. Her first year up and she's Employee of the Year. YAH! Livin' the dream! If only the dream would pay better.


Date of Arrival: May 2004
We went on family vacation and we drove Beth's 1992 Honda (as I'm sure everyone knows.. the best car in the world, her dream car, etc, etc) up. We thought of making extra money by buying cartons of cigarettes and selling them. We were driving through North Carolina and they were so cheap. Fortunatly for us, Beth remembered an episode of the Soprano's where they did the same thing. We figured if it was on the Soprano's then it was probably illegal. Obviously a life of crime is not for us. Beth went immediately to work for GES part time and Yellow Freight. Now she's a Logistic Manager for the division making the big bucks. (Ha!) Well, she is the only one of us that has direct reports. The other night we were at the bar and Nitschke and I were in a fit of giggles because Beth's employee introduced Beth to her boyfriend as "her boss." Wow... how did we get so respectable? Smoke and mirrors my friends!


"Dixie Chicks" "Georgia Satellites" "Southern Belles" are all names we've been called (to our faces) since our adventure began up here. Our exploits have only been told by word of mouth and now is our chance for folks to get the picture of our life, as it happens, in Jersey. (I'll refrain from using "Dirty Jerz" as that may offend some of close friends.. you know who you are... Captain Underpants!)